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Keith Olbermann's full statement

Keith Olbermann/twitlonger :: (full statement) I'd like to apologize to my viewers and my staff for the failure of Current TV. Editorially, Countdown had never been better. But for more than a year I have been imploring Al Gore and Joel Hyatt to resolve our issues internally, while I've been not publicizing my complaints, and keeping the show alive for the sake of its loyal viewers and even more loyal staff. Nevertheless, Mr. Gore and Mr. Hyatt, instead of abiding by their promises and obligations and investing in a quality news program, finally thought it was more economical to try to get out of my contract. ...

Hat tip: Jeff Jarvis and his response:

Olbermann, Spitzer, Gore, Hyatt: equally obscure. twitlonger.com/show/gnlt4t

— Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis) March 30, 2012

Keith Olbermann's full statement - Continue to read here Keith Olbermann, www.twitlonger.com

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