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11th Int. Newsroom Summit: Smart strategies, game changers and enemies of change

NextLevelofNews.com /Liquid Newsroom is media partner of the 11th annual Newsroom Summit, in Hamburg.

WAN IFRA ::  Paul Lewis, the Special Projects Editor at The Guardian in the United Kingdom, has been a role model for embracing the changing world around him. By harnessing the power of social media and crowdsourcing, he has produced some of the most compelling investigative journalism in recent years, such as his on-the-street reports of the riots in Britain last summer. “I think actually there are very few realms of reporting that don’t lend themselves to being much more open in the way that we produce and then subsequently report the news,” says Mr Lewis, who had 10,000 Twitter followers before the riots and today has 47,000.

As the total rethink of traditional newsroom roles, workflows and business models continues without end, an openness to all things new appears to be necessary for success. That philosophy will be on display when some of the newspaper industry’s smartest newsroom minds share their open-minded strategies at the 11th annual Newsroom Summit, to be held on 10 and 11 May in Hamburg, Germany.

Planned sessions:

  • Integration 4.0 – game changers, successes and future challenges on the digital express train
  • Dealing with the enemies of change in newsroom transformation
  • New jobs in the newsroom and the jobs you have never heard of but needed yesterday
  • Streamlining newsroom workflows for efficiency and savings
  • Is the subs room a legitimate target for cuts?
  • How the newsroom can become a revenue centre
  • Latecomers to multiplatform publishing may be the real winners

Planned speakers:

  • Tomas Brunegård, CEO, Stampen Group, Sweden: Dealing with the enemies of change.
  • Anette Novak, Consultant and former Editor in Chief of Norran, Sweden: New positions in the newsroom, the jobs you have never heard of but needed yesterday.
  • Lisa MacLeod, Managing Editor, Financial Times: Newsroom 4.0 at the FT.
  • Mathias Müller Blumencron, Editor in Chief of Germany’s Der Spiegel: Can serious journalism survive on mobile devices?
  • Wolfgang Blau, Editor, Zeit Online, Germany: Can separate print and online operations deliver more?
  • Knut Engelmann, Managing Editor, Wall Street Journal Deutschland: Expanding into new markets.
  • Matt DeRienzo, Connecticut Group Editor, Journal Register Co.: Re-training journalists to become ‘digital ninjas’.
  • Margaret Boribon, Secretary General, Copiepresse, Belgium: Taking on Google – and winning.
  • Peter Atkinson, Group Editorial Consultant, Avusa Media, South Africa: Smart ways to reorganise newsgathering and production.
  • William Davis, Editor, Bangor Daily News, USA: The open source newsroom.
  • Joycelyn Winnecke, Vice President and Associate Editor, Chicago Tribune: Engaging readers in real life.
  • Jan Helin, Editor-in-chief, Aftonbladet, Sweden: Journalists as brands.

Visit the conference site - 11th annual Newsroom Summit

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