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York Daily record’s ‘Finding Their Way Out’: The lasting impact of a local act of school violence

The Buttry Diary :: For most of my career, I’d need to wait until Sunday to read and write about a big newspaper enterprise project. But I read the York Daily Record and Sunday News’ “Finding Their Way Out” on Friday afternoon. It’s an outstanding package by reporter Bill Landauer and photojournalist Jason Plotkin, designed by Samantha K. Dellinger. They examine the lasting impact of a local act of school violence.

[Jason Plotkin:] On April 24, 2003, hundreds of people in a Red Lion junior high cafeteria witnessed a killing. Then they saw the shooter, a child like most of them, take his own life. ... For many, the trauma never took hold. In time, others broke free. Some are still trapped on that day.

Clipped from: www.ydr.com (share this clip)

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York Daily mobile/non-Flash based version of "Finding Their Way Out"

York daily Flash-based version of "Finding Their Way Out"

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