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Journatic promised employees a $50 bonus to keep quite

As I have posted previously Tribune replaces TribLocal with Journatic suburban content. Michael Miner provides interesting details in his piece below. Interesting also that Journatic pays per piece writers "roughly $12/hr."

Chicagoreader :: Interest in Journatic heated up a month ago when it put together a 20-page mock neighborhood section for the Tribune. That's when executive editor Peter Behle sent employees a notice that said in part, "Reporters will be sniffing around—and they are not authorized to talk with anyone about Journatic under any circumstances. Better yet, if you receive a reporter inquiry and tell us about it (without responding), we'll pay you a $50 bonus."

HT: Jim Romenesko, jimromenesko.com

Reported by - Continue to read Michael Miner, www.chicagoreader.com

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