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SEO: TypePad blogs get more relevant with Zemanta recommendations

This blog is hosted by Typepad and I have started to evaluate its new Zemanta feature a couple of days ago. The links below have been automatically suggested and manually added by one click using Zemanta. It's easy to use. Time will see how and if it has impact on traffic as well.

ReadWriteWeb :: Life just got a little easier for bloggers who use TypePad. The hosted blogging platform announced that it is integrating Zemanta’s content recommendation tools into its service, which suggests links to related stories from across the Web. Zemanta also generates in-text links to related information. For instance, if you mention Mark Zuckerberg in a post, the platform will suggest linking to his Wikipedia entry. If it's about a movie, the IMBD and Rotten Tomatoes pages will be pulled in automatically.

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