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.@MercuryX is adding a community room to their newsroom #fillthelab

Merceditors Desk :: The call to #fillthelab takes on new meaning for The Mercury audience and residents of the Pottstown tri-county area, with the announcement today that our Community Media Lab was selected as one of 10 newspapers throughout Digital First Media to get funding for a community room project.

HT: Jim Brady, here:

The @MercuryX is adding a community room to their newsroom. @merceditor writes about it here: bit.ly/LfxTXS

— Jim Brady (@jimbradysp) May 5, 2012

Nancy March, or @merceditor, is the editor of The Mercury, an award-winning daily newspaper in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. She "writes about the trials and tribulations -- and joys -- of running a newsroom."

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