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Britain's Sky News Introduces Timeshifting via the iPad

LONDON - Sky News, the satellite news channel in Great Britain, has introduced the functionality for viewers to timeshift live programming via its iPad app, says Rob Owers, Producer/Team Leader for the iPad at Sky, in this segment from our recent video journalism summit at the offices of the Financial Times.

Viewers can review and share video content up to seven days past the original air date, he says in this video.

Timeshifting has been introduced recently to some live news channels via London-based Livestation, as we reported last month

SnappyTV, a small San Francisco start-up has provided its time shifting and sharing  technology to Turner Sports.  Big live streaming sites including Livestation and Ustream have provided users to time shift and share live programming for some time.

Owers says the the time shifting functionality of the Sky News app was created in-house.

Andy Plesser


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