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BuzzFeed’s strategy: Social advertising, what users love and share

CDixon :: (Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed, wrote:) ... we don’t show crappy display ads and we make all our revenue from social advertising that users love and share. We never launched one of those “frictionless sharing” apps on Facebook that automatically shares the stories you click because those apps are super annoying. We don’t post deceptive, manipulative headlines that trick people into reading a story. We don’t focus on SEO or gaming search engines or filling our pages with millions of keywords and tags that only a robot will read. We avoid anything that is bad for our readers and can only be justified by short term business interests.

Buzzfeed: Jonah Peretti's letter to staff - Published here Chris Dixon, cdixon.org

Discussion: "17 Very Cute Pygmy Goats That Look Like Scarlett Johansson in Jonah Peretti's BuzzFeed Strategy Memo" by Alexis Madrigal, www.theatlantic.com

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