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Pageviews. Unique visitors. Time on site. Yes, but what impact does your journalism have?

The problem: your journalism might be forceful but you might also still don't earn the money to make a living not to speak of what you might deserve. Despite of the (questionable) discrepancy between business goals and journalistic values: to measure success as "impact" instead of "engagement time" or "pageviews", etc., might still be something worth to discuss.

Greg Linch :: For journalism, the goal should be to add more meaning to the information we use to measure our work. Granted, our current metrics aren’t meaningless. We use them because they do have meaning: views, comments, shares, etc. each has a meaning and can be measured based on that one-dimensional measure. The quantities of metrics increase because the works of journalism they describe are meaningful. Or, put another way, impactful.

[Greg Linch] So, what if we measured journalism by its impact?

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