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WikiLeaks claims responsibility for fake Bill Keller column, citing donation ban

Helpful? Meaningful? Succesful? The opinions are divided. 

Guardian :: WikiLeaks, the whistleblowing site set up by Julian Assange, has claimed that it was behind the fake opinion piece circulating on the internet under the name of Bill Keller, columnist and former executive editor of the New York Times.

Yes. We admit it. WikiLeaks (Assange & co) and our great supporters where behind the successful NYTimes banking blockade hoax on @nytkeller.

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) July 29, 2012

A report by Ed Pilkington, www.guardian.co.uk

Some comments:

RT @jayrosen_nyu: I say it's a nadir for Wikileaks: bit.ly/MfpgPk Their ship was launched on the sea of verification. They just s ...

— Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis) July 30, 2012
Tags: Wikileaks

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