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Deadspin: NBC’s no. 1 tweeting critic has been suspended from Twitter

Reading his last tweet more than once, I wouldn't believe that Guy Adams Twitter account was suspended because he is a critic of NBC. The tweet contains a public email address of an NBC executive to which readers should send their complaints.

DeadSpin :: Guy Adams is The Independent's Los Angeles bureau chief. During the Olympics so far, he has carved out a nice spot on the how-much-NBC's-coverage-sucks beat. Now his Twitter account has been suspended.

Reason? This tweet:

[Guy Adams in a tweet:] The man responsible for NBC pretending the Olympics haven't started yet is Gary Zenkel. Tell him what u think! Email: ...

A report by John Koblin, deadspin.com

The Indepedent :: This evening NBC Sports released a statement reading: "We filed a complaint with Twitter because a user tweeted the personal information of one of our executives."

Written by Guy Adams, independent.co.uk

Tags: NBC

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