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List of tools for digital journalists and news organisations

List will be updated regularely and will be directly available via the main navigation on top of this blog

Audioboo - a mobile & web platform that allows you to record and share audio (e.g.: BBC Radio Cornwall

Bambuser - to live stream video (e.g.: was used during Arab Spring)

iMovie - to edit your video footage (e.g.: j-school tutorials)

Livestream broadcaster - portable wireless encoder for your own video live streams

Liquid Newsroom - (not public) a platform for real-time news curation and ultra-fast editing

Publish2 - content re-packaging and curation tool and platform, local advertising

ScribbleLive - platform and tools for live blogging and real-time news

Storyful - a newsgathering platform

Storify - compose your social media stories

Twitpic - share photos with the Twittersphere (e.g. Janis Krums photo of the Hudson river plane crash)

YouTube - to host your videos or to launch your own news channel

Help me to develop this list further!

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