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NewsWhip: Social news monitoring, 'tracking the work of a billion editors' to find trends

About-Page | NewsWhip :: NewsWhip's technology tracks all the news published by about 5,000 English-language sources –about 60,000 news stories each day. It gathers social data for each story – how many shares, likes, tweets and comments it has – at repeated intervals, building a live picture of how popular it is, right now. With this information, it calculates a social speed at which each story is travelling. The process is unique, new, and patent pending.

[NewsWhip:] We live in a world of too much information. With thousands of stories published each day, how can you find the best quality and the most compelling? We think the answer lies with people.

Visit the site here www.newswhip.com

HT: A review by Paul Sawers, thenextweb.com

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