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Seth Godin posted an article about Twitter selling the

Seth Godin posted an article about Twitter selling the attention of its users closing his piece with the advice that Twitter should align with its best users.   Guy Adam's account was recently suspended by Twitter because of he complained about NBC's Olympics coverage and Tim Bradshaw asked the social network to set priorities becoming "more reliant on advertising from big brands" - With all that bad press for Twitter recently, it's no miracle that App.net, a Twitter competitor, succeeded in reaching its crowdfunding goal of $500,000 on Sunday. Still there are a few hours left not only to become a backer but also to secure your name on the new platform. Full disclosure: I'm a backer ("developer tier") as well.

The Verge :: Dalton Caldwell's ambitious attempt at a new kind of social network has just achieved its no less daring goal of half a million US dollars in pledged funding. The requisite threshold for funding App.net was crossed some 38 hours in advance of the ...

... midnight PT deadline that its developers had set for Monday, August 13th.

A report by Vlad Savov, www.theverge.com

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