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'Place a clear value on our content': Foliomag.com changes to metered paid access model

Folio Mag :: An announcement went out today, but if you haven't seen it, we've decided to put Foliomag.com on a metered paid-access model. Starting now, you'll have access to 8 stories a month before the meter kicks in.

[Bill Mickey:] We felt that it's very important to place a clear value on our content, and to recognize the value that our best customers see in what we do. ...

Here's why: Bill Mickey, www.foliomag.com

HT: Niemanlab, here:

RT @foliomag: The meter is now running. Foliomag.com switches to a metered paid-access model. Here's why: bit.ly/OgD7SB

— Nieman Lab (@NiemanLab) August 14, 2012
Tags: Paywall

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