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Layoffs hit editorial staff at The Village Voice

Observer :: Layoffs are hitting the editorial staff at The Village Voice, and they’re hitting some of the most widely-read staff writers in the office. The Observer has heard from multiple sources familiar with the situation that the bad news is beginning to spread around the office.

A report by Foster Kamer, observer.com

BuzzFeed :: At the Voice, people found out the hard way. They tried to log onto their accounts and couldn’t. This happened to blogger Victoria Bekiempis and to reporter Steven Thrasher, who still hadn’t spoken with his boss when I called him at 5:30 Friday evening; he learned the extent of the news through texts and tweets, he said. It was a harsh way to go, but fit what the Voice has become.

Discussed: "How Management Killed 'The Village Voice'" - A report by Rosie Gray, www.buzzfeed.com

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