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Can metered content save journalism? How paywalls affect the business of news

Journomel :: Today, my company launched meters in four of its markets, including mine. Starting this morning, Ottawacitizen.com is free for print subscribers, 99 cents for the first month and then $9.99/month after that for all-access subscribers. Rather than express my thoughts on metered content, which a) won’t change a thing, and b) won’t change a thing when it comes to our newsroom, I plan to take a look the long view. I’ll be watching how meters/paywalls affect the business of news – and how we practise journalism long term.

An essay by Melanie Coulson, journomel.com

"Walls may save a paper, but they won’t save journalism" -  Opposite standpoint by Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

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