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"Twitter is the homepage of politics": How Buzzfeed is remaking campaign coverage

The New Republic :: In a sense, all of BuzzFeed Politics’s articles, even the long ones, are spiritually 140 characters or fewer. This is no accident; as Peretti likes to say, “Twitter is the homepage of politics.” (Facebook, typically a much larger traffic-driver, is not where the elite political conversation plays out.) Not only has Twitter grown at a staggering rate—the 1.8 million tweets published on Election Day 2008 equal the number sent every eight minutes in 2012—but it has also uniquely lent itself to, and helped speed up, the minute-to-minute, who’s-up-who’s-down political culture. It’s the place where reporters share their stories with thousands of followers, trade gossip, and spend most of their waking hours.

"The Tweeps on the Bus" - A report by Marc Tracy, www.tnr.com

HT: and quoted here: "How BuzzFeed has become the new ‘tweeps on the bus’ this election season," Poynter

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