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Forrester's Bobby Tulsiani on Online Video: It's Way Beyond the Media Business Now

Forrester has published a comparative study of six online video platform service providers. We reported on the study on Friday. 

While some industry observers are taking issue with the inclusion of just six players, when there are over 60 such companies in the sector, that's not the goal of the study, Forrester's Bobby Tulsiani told me in this this interview yesterday.

He said the study is a guide to the sort of services providers geared to the mid tail video producers, not the big media companies or the free UGC sites. 

It is the non-media area of video services which is growing quickly; companies, universities government agencies and others. Video is now an essential video tool for businesses and the Forrester report is a guide of representative companies, he says.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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