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Features Offered In X M Satellite Radio Equipment

There are many brands of satellite radios that will work well with the XM Satellite Radio systems. The Pioneer Inno and Samsung Helix XM radio receivers have features that will give XM users Live XM broadcasts that are portable and give them the option to store their MP3’s and play them when they want to. With more than 50 hours of storage, the Pioneer Inno is certainly capable of providing many hours of entertainment and access to sports and stock tickers.

Other radio receivers, like the Delphi XM MiFi and Pioneer AirWave have features such as a recording dock that will allow XM satellite customers to capture up to five hours of music. The Delphi XM MyFi and Pioneer AirWave are equipped with built-in FM transmitters that offer wireless connectivity and the ability to select up to 12 frequencies. There are 30 preset channels in the Delphi XM MyFi and it comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be used up to 5 hours per charge.

Some XM radio receivers are small in stature and price. The Samsung Nexus 50 is compatible with XM and Napster and will give XM satellite users more than 50 hours of storage capacity. This MP3 storage and play satellite radio receivers will allow a user to take their XM and any MP3’s they own anywhere they like.

For less storage and a lesser price, XM satellite users can select the Samsung Nexus 25 which provides room for 25 hours of storage.

If an XM user wants to access sports scores and use some handy 30 channel presets, they might enjoy the features of the Tao XM2Go radio receiver. The Tao is equipped with a wireless FM transmitter that gives access to 12 frequencies that can certainly make listening to it a very pleasurable experience. Tao XM2GO users have found that the recording dock makes it easy to capture up to five hours of music and other materials.

Some of the branded satellite radio receivers are compatible with the FM radio that is installed in an automobile. The Delphi XM SkyFi2 is the second generation model that also gives you 30 minutes of memory where XM users can pause the shows that they listen to and review what they just heard. When people find that the newer versions of these radio receivers can be used as a car radio and a boombox at the beach, they are truly inspired to learn more about these kinds of services and these kinds of radio receivers that can bring joy and music to their life.

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