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The best of South by Southwest (SXSW)

Interesting ideas coming out of South by Southwest (SXSW). Here are a few  good summaries:

The 5 Cs of Chinese Innovation: Copy an idea, combine two things, compete and differentiate, which leads to innovation. Because you can’t do everything, the constraints foster innovation, even new business models.

Highlights from Online News of Tomorrow: Great summaries from Lost Remote’s Mark Briggs and Steve Saffron.

SXSW Panel Discusses Impact of iPad on Media Consumption, Production: “We’re hoping you can lean back with this thing, curl up on the couch and take it into the bathroom and read it,” said Bill Jensen of Village Voice Media.

VIDEO: Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable at SXSW: At South by Southwest, Mashable Founder Pete Cashmore said that “curation is journalism.”

CNN, MTV, Mashable and Facebook Discuss How Crowdsourcing Is Affecting Reporting: Facebook’s Zuckerberg said she sees crowdsourcing in two ways: ideation and distribution. She gave the example of actress Betty White being asked to hostSaturday Night Live due almost completely to efforts on Facebook. Getting her on the show is “ideation,” while the “distribution” is people reacting to the decision and the show online.

Douglas Rushkoff’s 10 Commands for a Digital Age: Contact is king (not content). Remember the humans. “Social marketing is an oxymoron.”

Clay Shirky: We love sharing information, says Shirky. He’s not talking about generations, he’s talking about monkeys. A fundamental evolutionary development of human nature is that we really like sharing – “It’s not something we’re biased to do, it’s something we’re biased to like.”

Snark by Snarkwest: More amazing panel summaries from Matt Thompson


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