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Entertainment News – Whitney Houston, What did She do This Time?

Lilly Allen is in the doghouse with her record label. It seems the singer gave a copy of a cover song to a radio show host to play on his weekly New York show. The reason EMI is unhappy is because the played song is a cover of the Britney Spears track, Womanizer, and listeners stole the Lilly Allen version and put it all over the internet. Whoops, is right. Gossip around town points that J-Lo and hubbie Marc Anthony are having marital issues. Jennifer got spotted without her wedding ring, Marc hit the town in Vegas alone AND their 8.5-million-dollar Bel Air is up for grabs. However, on the record, the couple's publicist commented that they are doing great. Whitney Houston's stepmother is suing the singer over the wishes of Houston's deceased father. According to reports, the stepmom, Barbara Houston, is claiming that the singer erroneously kept the money from her dad's 1-million-dollar insurance policy instead of using it to pay-off the more than 700-thousand-dollar mortgage on his condo. Barbara currently resides in the residence and neither sides lawyers have commented on the case.

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