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charity: water launches UNSHAKEN campaign to fund long-term water solutions in Haiti

Today, on World Water Day, charity: water launched UNSHAKEN, a campaign to fund long-term water solutions for areas of greatest need in rural Haiti.

After the earthquake on January 12, over one million people were displaced from Port-au-Prince to the rural areas, where they have minimal or no access to clean, safe water. One-third of the nation lacked access to safe water before the quake; now, the situation is devastating. As the rural communities continue to swell, so does the risk of deadly waterborne diseases. In the coming months, charity: water plans to raise $1.3 million to serve more than 40,000 people in 11 of these areas with clean, safe drinking water. 100% of the funds raised will directly fund water projects on the ground.

You can help: watch the video, visit the UNSHAKEN site, learn more about the issues they’re facing, and help spread the word.

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