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ABC’s This Week live tweets during broadcast

Starting today, ABC News is live-tweeting its This Week broadcast on Sunday mornings.

Each week you can follow along on the This Week Twitter list during and after the show and using the #ThisWeek hashtag on Twitter. “The list includes some of our roundtable participants and we’ll plan on including them weekly leading into the broadcast and to continue the conversation once it’s over,” Tapper says on ABCNews.com

ABC News Political Director David Chalian(@DavidChalianABC) led the live tweet today and interim This Week host Jake Tapper (@jaketapper)  tweeted before and after the show.

Before the show, Tapper tweeted: “Have a link that helps fact check the show? Let us know at #ThisWeek. Our political director @DavidChalianABC will be live-tweeting 9am ET”

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