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Tools for managing/gathering statistics on a blog network?

I manage a fairly large blog network of about 90 blogs, and part of that management is gathering monthly statistics on what's going on, which is generally stored in an Excel spreadsheet. Information I gather on a per blog basis includes:

  • Number of posts in a month
  • Number of comments in a month
  • Number of total page views
  • Number of page views per page

I had written a script that scrapes each blog to get the first two, and set up Google analytics reports for the latter two, cutting my paperwork to a minimum.

Every site redesign ended up throwing the scraper to hell, and we started tweaking the site more often to the point that I was re-writing the scraper monthly, actually spending more time figuring out what broke and fixing it.

I still have to manually go in and add in the Google Analytics data on a per blog basis into the spreadsheet, which isn't awful but is still monkey work.

I'm working on a new script set that logs in via XMLRPC and pulls all this information in a more standard manner, but I'm wondering if anyone else has a) run into this problem and b) found a good software set for helping manage and pull out this kind of information?

If the answer to a) is yes and b) is no, I'm happy to share my tools, but if they already exist I'd rather not remake them.

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