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Six digital trends to watch

Edelman’s Steve Rubel and David Armano have identified six digital trends and how organizations should address them.

Here is a brief summary of the trends, from Armano‘s blog, followed by their full presentation.

  1. Marketing in the age of streams
  2. Your customers, consumers and employees are no longer only visiting static Web pages but participating in conversations which increasingly occur off domain in “streams” flowing from Facebook, Twitter and even apps. In order to catch them, you must be highly relevant in their streams.

  3. The Googleization of media
  4. Quality Content and potent social connections in addition to traditional keywords are influencing how visible you are to the search engines. Everyone is media.

  5. The data decade
  6. Data is increasingly becoming available to anyone and everyone. From it we can derive insights into behaviors. We must become “data junkies” to fully harness this trend.

  7. Business becomes social
  8. Moving from designated spokesperson to employee engagement at scale—business itself is beginning to look more social as organizations start to engage all stakeholders in open and mutually beneficial ways.

  9. Location, location, location
  10. Where you are is becoming the new what are you doing as multiple platforms begin to adopt the new geolocation status update generating new kinds of data.

  11. Private becomes public
  12. Despite privacy concerns, applications and behaviors which support social sharing are still going strong as what is considered private becomes re-defined as we continue engaging in networks.

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