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How technology is transforming journalism education

PBS MediaShift has written an excellent series looking at the way that journalism education and training are shifting. “Beyond J-School” examines how journalism education has had to change with the times, and includes two audio podcasts (with journalism profs/innovators), a video show, a post on teaching social media, a story about a “Journalist Law Program” and a look at how some students created their own mini-media empires while studying at college — no J-school necessary.

Here are all the features in the series:

How to Teach Social Media in Journalism Schools by Alfred Hermida

5Across – Beyond J-School, a video roundtable show hosted by Mark Glaser

Revamping J-Schools in Australia to Bring in Citizens Agenda by Julie Posetti

How to Conquer Journalism Students’ Fear of Technology by Jen Lee Reeves

Business, Entrepreneurial Skills Come to Journalism School by Dorian Benkoil

4 Minute Roundup – Helping Journalism Students Get Tech Skills by Mark Glaser, with guest Jen Lee Reeves

Spending the Summer in Journalist Law School by Nick Baumann

How College Students Became Mini-Media Moguls in School by Dan Reimold

Columbia, Medill Training New Breed of Programmer-Journalists by Craig Silverman

4 Minute Roundup - NYU’s Jay Rosen on Rethinking J-Schools by Mark Glaser, with guest Jay Rosen

NYC J-Schools Take Divergent Paths on Training, Hyper-Local by Davis Shaver

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