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Opinions are supported by facts…

…not just another opinion.

What brought this on? A query for help with Final Cut Express and media management from a sports videographer who was ALREADY doing it right. He just needed help with a couple of tweaks in color correction, but for some reason thought he was doing it wrong.

Folks searching for the perfect camera for whatever mission in life they have – looking for a recommendation, rather than doing some thinking and research.

I’m finding more and more that folks don’t need advice as much as reassurance or direction. I WILL NOT make recommendations for gear for others. It’s easier to explain my logic, how to think through the requirements needed for the job, and how to research. So whatever you see on this site is what works for ME. Not you. That’s like saying, “I like your shirt.” and buying the identical shirt in the same size and color – no matter that you’re smaller and the color makes you look like an aging corpse.

When I have an opinion I also try to support it with FACTS. Such as, I like “such and such a camera” because (add facts in here). The facts might be a long lens for wildlife work, low light ability for shooting inside, a combination of cost and functions that make it a good deal despite it not having everything I want or need.

Reminds me a a freshman I once tried to teach how to write an editorial for the school newspaper. First she had to come up with a topic – and she chose abortion. Then state her opinion: abortion is wrong. The support with facts: because it is bad. Uh…let’s try again. Facts: my parents and church tell me its wrong. This went on for quite a while, with me trying and trying to explain that a fact is solid and does not change.

As in: abortion is wrong because it is murder. Murder is defined as the taking of human life.
Or: abortion should be a personal choice because women are not slaves (slavery is illegal) and should not be told how to manage their own bodies. (only with more details and force)

So if you want help, first follow these simple steps:
1. Define what you want or need to know
2. Make a list of the essentials of what you want/need to know (these are not extras/this list should only include the absolutes of what you need to get the job done or make a decision)
3. Research and choose the top two or four or whatever
4. Make a decision

Good luck.

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