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Data journalism and programmer journalists

Some good stuff on this topic:

Debate over journalism’s required skills gets heated, by Robert Hernandez:

I do not believe you need to master programming to succeed in journalism.

I do believe you need to respect and understand the power of each and every craft, not just programming, but photography, design, texts, etc. that make up journalism. They are not as simple as hitting a button.

I also believe, at the most minimum, EVERY JOURNALIST (whether be it reporter, editor, photographer, etc.) of EVERY BEAT needs to be proactive in spotting opportunities to best use the diverse crafts.

“I do not believe programming replaces the story” No, no, no!!! by Michelle Minkoff:

Thanks for this nice redirection of the conversation. I found myself agreeing with so many of your points, we don’t all need to do it. But I’m very concerned by you discouraging all journalists from bothering to try. I’m one of these strange hybrid recent j-grads who’s using coding and data skills for journalism. I wouldn’t have believed it a year ago. Yes, not everyone needs to do it. I happen to like it, but we need people doing a lot of different things.

Data analysis and the future of journalism, by Andy Alexander:

Looking ahead, data analysis should become one of the accepted skill sets for new generations of journalists. Many communication colleges already offer elective courses or seminars in computer-assisted reporting. But all of them should think mandatory training in data journalism, as well as advanced degrees for that specialization.

Lots of great fodder for discussion here — let’s keep it civil.

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