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July 02 2011


The Next NetSquared Platform: Introducing the Beta

A few weeks ago, we told you a little about a beta launch that’s been brewing here at NetSquared HQ with the help of NetSquared community members from around the world. The brewing is done---for now!---and I’m writing today to let you in on the beta release for the next-gen NetSquared Platform. It’s live and ready for your reactions.

As always, NetSquared is focused on the intersection of technology and social change. The beta is new and different, though, focusing on providing an easy way to surface, organize and accelerate social-change projects around the globe.  
Our project-centric approach to the platform has been inspired by more than 5 years of community-driven programming, including annual conferences, web-based challenges, NetSquared Local events, and ongoing input from this whole amazing community. The beta platform brings it all together in a way we hope is easy, engaging, and productive.
Ready to see it in action? I’m just dying to know what you think. Please take moment to test it out, tell us what works and what doesn’t, and give us your raw, honest feedback.

Remember, the site is in beta. We fully expect bugs, issues, complications, and other fun things. We want to hear about all of it, so please let us know about anything you do or don’t like.
Please feel free to leave a comment on this page or email me directly with any questions. Thanks as always for your perspective and honesty. We’re looking forward to making the next round even better.


March 10 2011


CDI Needs an Awesome Visual Designer

We’re looking to fill a contract gig for an absolutely kick-ass visual/graphic designer. Here on the Community-Driven Innovation team of TechSoup Global, we’ve always got a ton of exciting stuff going on.  Right now, we’re working on a new platform that will create a collaborative space for activists, technologists, non-profits, and funders to share ideas and projects.

 Akin to a “LinkedIn for Civil Society,” the platform will include some of the attributes that LinkedIn has successfully deployed to grow and connect professional profiles with a greater networked community (think profiles, organizations, networks).

We’re looking at a beta launch in May 2011, and we need a visual/graphic designer to get this thing off the ground and make it really sing.

 We need a visual designer to:

  • Work with UI/UX designer to finalize mockups and layout for site pages
  • Design and create graphic images/icons
  • Design color palette and layout, ensuring consistency within the platform and across TSG properties
  • Design overall site style, including fonts/structure for all types of visual elements, navigation, and text
  • Work with TSG international partners to create localized versions of the site for their communities
  • Work with development team to implement visual design into html/css compatible with all modern browsers

A short-term designer contract would go from now until late May for the beta launch, and possibly continue for the full production version of the site. You interested? Drop me a line.


Tags: #cdiplatform
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