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June 02 2010


Can We Talk? Data Integration and Nonprofit Organizations

"Can we talk?" If your donor database is asking your accounting software, the answer is probably "no." And this lack of communication between systems is causing increasing problems for nonprofit organizations.

Today’s typical nonprofit uses a variety of information management systems for collecting and storing data ranging from client and constituent contacts to program tracking and evaluation. While standards for data exchange and inter-software communication are developing in the nonprofit sector, the vast majority of nonprofit organizations face steep barriers to realizing the benefits and leveraging the power of technology.

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April 05 2010


NetSquared Open Space at the #10NTC

This week, the NetSquared team will be at the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Atlanta.  We'll be presenting and facilitating, listening and connecting.  One thing we are really excited about is the opportunity to hold an open spaces session on Thursday, forcused on open data and APIs.  Participants can learn how their organization could use open data and APIs to show impact, coordinate volunteers, or inspire supporters to take action.

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