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April 30 2010


Cutting BBC’s waste could save 6 Music, say presenters

On Wednesday, Radio 6 Music presenters Liz Kershaw and Gideon “the Guv’nor” Coe presented their arguments against the proposed sacking of Radio 6 in a Coventry University event, “Save us from Mark Thompson!”

Plans to axe the digital radio station as part of a strategic review by the BBC’s executive were leaked to the Times in February – costing a BBC manager their job, it was reported this week. All of the changes proposed by the review are being assessed by the BBC Trust, which is running a public consultation on the plans.

The state of economy and the necessity to cut costs and spend more efficiently was underlined, with the two presenters arguing that they are in favour of music that is part of the British national identity and such playlists are only available within the BBC. Without the platform for this kind of music, it will disappear, the said.

Kershaw said: “I observe waste every day I go into the BBC. I observe waste on building costs, on transport costs, on inflated fees for some particular people. I feel this as a licence fee payer as well, and I’m quite horrified at the amount of money that doesn’t go into programmes.”

Coe said: “I think with all these processes (…) there’s a certain amount of shifting the ground that goes on and in terms of what the Trust come up with as well, there are three potential solutions: one is nuclear; one is don’t do that; but there may be something in between where 6 Music continues.”

Views on the future of 6 Music are being sought by the BBC Trust and can be sent by email to consultation [at] bbc.co.uk before 25 May.

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February 26 2010


Times Online: BBC to cut web pages by half?

The Times claims to have seen details of the strategic review of BBC services director-general Mark Thompson that recommends the closure of digital radio stations 6 Music and the Asian Network and a severe reduction in the size of its website. The report is due to go before the BBC Trust next month.

The corporation’s web pages are to be halved, backed by a 25 per cent cut in staff numbers. Its £112 million budget will also be cut by 25 per cent. It is also pledging to include more links to newspaper articles to drive traffic to the websites of rival publishers.

While the plans to link out more are nothing new, the review reportedly includes a pledge to never “produce services at a ‘more local’ level than is currently the case”.

Full story at this link…

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