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June 21 2013


AOL Set To Expand Live Programming, Susan Lyne

CANNES -  With the success of the HuffPost Live,  a 12-hour live interactive video program, parent company AOL  be will doing more live shows around both day-part programs and special events on its home page, says Susan Lyne, CEO of the Brand Group, at AOL.

The veteran television executive explains that a confluence of forces, including demand from marketers, is driving this new strategy around live programming.

We spoke with her at the Cannes Lions festival.

Disclaimer:   AOL sponsored Beet.TV’s coverage of Cannes Lions


June 18 2013


AOL Makers Tops 40 Million Views in First Year

CANNES – Since its launch 13 months ago, AOL has grown its “Makers” series to 40 million video views, with the number of views rising month over month, says Maureen Sullivan, Senior VP and General Manager Lifestyle Brands and Women’s Content at AOL during an interview with Beet.TV.

Makers is a joint video project between AOL and PBS and tells the stories of pioneering women from Gloria Steinem to Hillary Clinton in a series of professionally produced, short, documentary style videos. The series has been exclusively sponsored by Unilever’s Simple Skin Care brand since its inception. Sullivan said many viewers will often start by watching one video and then stay and watch six or seven more. For more insight into the growth of Makers and how video viewers are engaging with the content, check out this video interview.

AOL is the sponsor of Beet.TV’s coverage of Cannes Lions.


AOL’s Cahn on AOL On’s Resurgence of Original Content

CANNES – AOL has been supporting their variety of premium original content this week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Beet.TV spoke with Karen Cahn, GM of AOL On Original Video for AOL, about their recent developments during the event.

As the first content company on the Internet, Cahn says AOL has gone through a resurgence in creating premium original content.

During the event, AOL celebrated the global launch of Be On, AOL’s global video branded content platform. This summer, AOL will be releasing a full-length documentary film about the story of Napster, Downloaded, which will be available on AOL On and TechCrunch. In addition, AOL’s original content ventures include HuffPost Live, which features 12 hours of streaming content everyday; MAKERS.com, a digital platform for sharing women’s stories; and 15 new shows that were announced during this year’s NewFronts.

“When you watch the  content, you don’t know if you’re watching TV or watching the web, and so that’s really where the industry is going. It’s just beautifully produced content made for consumers that they love and that they share and that they get to talk about,” Cahn says.

June 17 2013


AOL Adds Biometric Tracking to Video Ad Measurement

CANNES – Using biometric tracking, AOL has begun testing emotional reactions to ads via a partnership with technology firm Realeyes, says Mihkel Jäätma, Managing Director of Realeyes during an interview with Beet.TV at Cannes. The company’s facial recognition software can measure the level of attraction, retention, engagement, impact and other emotions elicited in video ads, he explains.

The goal of the AOL-Realeyes pair-up is to quantify the emotional response to branded video content. Realeyes leans on consumer measurement panels from established firms such as CINT and Toluna. Consumers opt-in to have their facial reactions tracked via Webcams. “We collect info frame by frame for each emotion…and we have a condensed reporting form to show you how a piece of content scores in comparison to other things out there,” Jäätma says. For more insight into the applications of this technology in marketing, check out this video interview.


AOL is the sponsor of Beet.TV’s coverage of Cannes Lions.


AOL Tests Emotional Response to Video Ads

CANNES – AOL is working with brands such as LG and Heineken on its new neuromarketing platform that aims to measure emotional reaction to video ads, says Rene Rechtman, SVP of AOL International. This sort of measurement can help brands better understand whether their creative is actually connecting with consumers in a meaningful way, Rechtman says in this video interview with Beet.TV at Cannes. AOL introduced the new platform in early June and it’s powered by tools from the tech firm Realeyes. The technology relies on consumers’ webcams to measure the emotional response to ads based on their facial reactions. For now, consumers opt in via measurement panels for the tracking. “We all say we engage more with great content but we don’t have the data and technology to provide that, so now we can provide that data to ourselves and to marketers and advertisers to show that a piece of creative is generating lots of emotional connection,” he explains.

For more insight into how brands are using the technology, check out this video interview.

AOL is the sponsor of Beet.TV’s coverage of Cannes Lions.

June 11 2013


Brands Move Money to Online Video from TV and Display, Cite Better Engagement

Nearly three-quarters of ad dollars flowing into online video is coming from TV money, according to a new study from AOL’s global branded content platform Be On. In addition, the brand, media and creative agencies surveyed said that while TV is a strong awareness driver, they can achieve more scale and engagement with online video. We recently caught up with Rene Rechtman, SVP AOL Networks International about the the company’s work in online video. The study revealed that TV and display are the main budgets where agencies in Europe, the United Kingdom and North America are drawing resources from and diverting to online video. In addition, about 84 percent of agencies said they believe the Internet is fundamentally becoming a “rich brand medium with engaging interactive opportunities.”

More than 80 percent say they are turning to branded video because of its reach and audience and content targeting capabilities. About 67 percent cite measurement as a key reason for upping online video spend going forward. AOL is aiming to compete in the targeted audience market via its Be On branded content platform that helps marketers reach audiences at scale, Rechtman says. For more insight into Be On, check out this video interview. Be On includes insights, social data and traditional data, he adds.





April 25 2012


AOL CEO Tim Armstrong: We Believe in Video

At that AOL New Fronts event last night, the main event was the announcement of new video portal called AOL On.  

The new video portal includes 14 channels with several original shows but mostly videos curated from the some 1000 premium publishers which AOL presently syndicates. 

After the presentation, we spoke with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong about the announcement and the value of video at AOL.

For more on AOL On, please see our interview with Ran Harnevo, SVP for video at AOL On.

Andy Plesser

Disclosure:  Beet.TV has a syndication agreement with AOL On where it can be found in the technology channel.

April 24 2012


AOL Launches Big Video Portal of Aggregated and Original Videos

AOL has launched new video destination comprised of 14 channels, involving some 1000 top video publishers and over 300,000 videos and a number of new, original made for the Web programs.

Many of the video publishers have been part of AOL's big 5Min syndication engine.  While these videos will continue to be syndicated, this is the first time that the videos have been organized on an AOL portal, as a destination.

At the AOL Digital New Fronts in Manhattan, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong announced the new portal which is called AOL On.

For an overview of the new strategy, we spoke with Ran Harnevo, SVP, Video at AOL On.

According to comScore, AOL Video served nearly a half a billion video views in March.

Andy Plesser

Disclosure:  Beet.TV has a commerical arrangement with AOL On where its videos are widely syndicated.  You can find the Beet.TV channel on AOL On right here.


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January 18 2012


Video Expansion Underway at Huffington Post as Arianna Readies "Fearless Living"

LAS VEGAS -- The Huffington Post has become increasingly video centric as the giant news site integrates video into most of its pages, says Karen Cahn,  General Manger of Branded Experiences for AOL, in this inteview with Beet.TV

Among the new Web-original shows being readied is one starring Arianna Huffington called "Fearless Living," based" the the founder's book about life choices.  The show debuts this spring.

Today, comScore said that AOL had 40 million unique video viewer watching 450 million videos in December.

I spoke with Cahn at the awards program for the International Academy of Web Television on Thursday evening at the Venetian.  Below is a photo of Cahn and the IAWTV chairman Paul Kontonis, a VP at Digitas.




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