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May 31 2013


Social Gaming Service Everfeel Aims to Expand

The real-time, social gaming service Everfeel is planning on expanding from French and English versions to Russian, South Korean, Japanese and other geographies, says Tobias Nevin, founder and CEO of ND Interactive, which operates Paris-based Everfeel, in this interview with Beet.TV. The service marries 3D animation with voice conversations in real time, Nevin explains.

Everfeel is a live, voice, social game where you can act out situations with other people you meet online,” Nevin says of the Parisian-based startup service. For instance, users could “act out,” using avatars, different situations from TV series. “Or two people who met online could make a video and share that on YouTube,” he adds. The service draws its inspiration from dating services, TV games, and reality games, Nevin adds. The goal is to develop a community of several hundred thousand users who visit the service regularly and interact via videos. The next step in the business model is the global expansion.



April 15 2013


Britain’s Reality TV Doyenne: The News “Presenter” is Over

CANNES, The traditional role of a host of documentaries or news shows, or “presenter” in the parlance of British television, is over says Liz Warner, founder of  Betty productions, the highly successful producer of reality TV which was purchased by the Discovery Networks two years ago.

Warner is a former commissioner of programming for both Channel 4 and the BBC.  In this video interview, she talks about the creative process of program creation and rise in digital consumption by younger viewers. She describes the medium of her production house as “factual entertainment.”

We spoke to her at the Discovery Networks area at the MIPTV conference.




Sony Highlights 4K Production Technology at MIP Show

CANNES – While the streaming or broadcasting super high quality  4K (four times the highest HD) by  the world’s broadcasters is still in the working stage, as the industry seeks to adopt compression standards, the camera and editing of the new format is beginning to take hold with both Hollywood producers and some broadcasters including the BBC and Sky Germany, says Sony’s  Yoshiaki-Joe Nakata in this interview with Beet.TV at the MIP conference.

Sony presented a 4K mini-event at MIP.



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