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July 04 2011


Reverse compensation: why KSFX, Missouri won't show Fox prime time, "American Idol" anymore

New York Times :: Two weeks ago, KSFX, a Fox television station in the Ozarks, told its viewers that the Fox part was going away in the fall. The station said it would still show all of its local newscasts, but the station’s fans on Facebook had other concerns. What about American Idol? they asked. What about “Bones”? - Those shows, and the rest of Fox’s prime time, will be carried instead by a competing station in southern Missouri, because KSFX’s parent company, the Nexstar Broadcasting Group, refused to pay a new fee imposed by Fox, a unit of the News Corporation. The fees, sometimes called reverse compensation, are changing the relationship between the broadcast networks and the local stations that carry their programs in big cities and small towns across the country.

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May 27 2011


High ratings for American Idol, Oprah but TV Networks see key audience erode

AdWeek :: According to Nielsen television viewership of 18 to 49 year olds (on traditional TV sets) dropped over the course of the TV season for the second year in a row, despite the recent high ratings for show finales including “American Idol” and “Oprah.” According to Nielsen, the overall TV audience grew 1.5 percent over the past year to about 61.3 million people, but numbers for the younger demographic are down.

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