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May 28 2011


Apple’s App Store: more than 500,000 apps, Android marketplace only 294,000

CultofMac :: Apple’s iTunes can boast a half-million apps. That figure likely will get an official stamp of approval when CEO Steve Jobs speaks June 9 before developers at the annual WWDC in San Francisco. The figure, apparently passed earlier Tuesday morning, places the Cupertino, Calif. company well ahead of its rival Google, which can claim 294,000 Android Marketplace apps for the open-source mobile operating system.

148apps has published further interesting data (latest update 2011-05-23): The application approval process has an average delay of 7.30 days (worst case: maximum delay 46 days). Apple receives 523 non-games applications per day. The count for total apps seen in US app stores alone: 499,170.

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App store metrics by 148apps.biz/app-store-metrics

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