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June 18 2011


Hyperlocal blogs - Won’t talk to bloggers, no more, no more

Anna Raccoon :: Thanet District Council (UK) - We live in interesting times for independent news media. The regional media has been in crisis for years, and councils which used to run their own newspapers have been slapped down by Eric Pickles (Local Government secretary). There has been an explosion of local news blogs over the last several years, some of which report on the activities of their local councils. Some Councils don’t like it up ‘em. Matt Wardman writes about three incidents from the last week or two.

The ‘Anna Raccoon’ blog is owned by Susanne Cameron-Blackie, who writes daily as ‘Anna’, aided and abetted by writers as diverse as SadButMadLad, Gildas the Monk, Matt Wardman, and Thaddeus J Wilson.

Continue to read Matt Wardman, www.annaraccoon.com

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