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December 31 2011


On Sina Weibo 227,000 new "tweets" are fired every 60 seconds

Penn Olson :: The Penn-Olson Infographic of the Day series visually expresses important stories from Asia and the world of technology. There has been a bit of a fad on the internet in recent days for posts about amazing things that happen online in just one minute, and so the Chinese site 17Startup made one about the web scene in China. The numbers were so awesome that we felt it was worth whacking the infographic into an image editor in order to translate it into English.

Infographics and more details, continue to read Steven Millward, www.penn-olson.com

March 29 2011


ICT4D & TechSoup Summit: reflections one month on

(Cross-posted from http://beckyblab.com/)

It's been almost a month since I returned from the US and the TSG summit. While I was there, I got a lot of ideas from other Netsquared organizers and I was eager to share them with the community in Jaipur, though there's not much community yet to speak of. But it certainly enabled me to do a better job at communicating the value of Netsquared and using web 2.0 tools for social causes.

I can honestly say that I've maintained my positive outlook and dedication despite the challenges that I always face when returning from the US: lack of infrastructure, lack of understanding. Did I mention the heat? Somehow I didn't let these deter me and our Netsquared introductory meeting* is all set for Sunday!

One participant of the summit, who happened to be a previous colleague of mine in Bangalore, seemed to feel that the discussions at the summit were overly congratulatory. They've been happening for years--ICTs are great! They can save the world!--without a more nuanced understanding of the very real obstacles that we face every day in developing countries.

There were passing mentions, there were a few representatives, but I agreed with her that I felt more importance should have been given to the Global South. Yet is Silicon Valley really the appropriate or likely venue for that?


Sadhu & cellphone from http://techantropology.blogspot.com/


Nonetheless, I must say that my optimism remains in the potential for technologies to transform the world, within and without. My commitment is that much stronger now!

The subjective post-summit report goes into more detail about the specific aims and way forward. It will give you a sense of who all is involved in the larger TechSoup network.

*It's actually not the first Netsquared meeting I'm organizing, but now I've met and built trust with more of the "right kind" of people (working in social media and IT in Jaipur), so I think this time around will be more effective.


From a presentation by Nalaka Gunawardene

February 11 2011


Ari Katz, IREX

I am Ari Katz, deputy director for technology and civil society at IREX, a international development nonprofit based in Washington, DC. I work on programs that use technology to help organizations and institutions better fulfill their missions in a variety of ways - with youth, with libraries, with schools, and with governments.   My priorities include figuring out how to bring access to information in new and engaging ways to those who could benefit from it, and trying to integrate libraries more into the development dialogue. IREX brings well-managed projects in a number of countries to collaborations. We have learned that tech can't be dropped in on its own - where it has potential is integrated into a supportive environment of experimentation, learning and capacity building. 

Check out www.irex.org and http://irexgl.wordpress.com/ for more about what we do.

You can find me on twitter at @katzistan or @irextech.


August 31 2010


Pakistan floods: BBC works with local radio to provide and source information

The BBC News Editors blog has an interesting post from Nazes Afroz, regional executive editor for Asia & Pacific at the World Service, explaining how the BBC has been covering the ongoing Pakistan floods, keeping victims informed through local radio partners and sourcing stories from people calling the radio stations.

He said that as the floods continue to devastate the country the BBC had to adapt its coverage to suit a more long-term model.

When the disaster struck a month ago, it became apparent that the story would be very big, affecting millions of people. As the story became bigger within the first few days, we made the decision to start a “Lifeline” programme with essential life-saving information for the flood victims. The broadcasts contain information like fresh flood alerts, weather reports, how to cope with diseases, how and where to get aid etc (…)

[The radio stations] also decided to use a toll-free phone with voice recording facility and asked the flood victims to call and record their stories.

After being taken on by the BBC Worldwide’s local partner stations, the service was able to be offered in Pashtu as well as Urdu, opening it up to an audience of between 60 and 80 million people. Their stories have provided first-hand accounts of events for the BBC’s overall coverage.

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March 03 2010


Band Aid: Hulk

Band Aid: Hulk

Flexible fabric.

Advertising Agency: JWT Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Directors: Russell Heubach, Chafic Haddad
Senior Art Director / Copywriter: SM Ziyad
Illustrator / 3D Artist: Tarek Samaan
Planner: Prabhakar Iyer
Account Manager: Rochelle Barreto

February 04 2010


WAN: Newspaper industry body calls for release of Burmese journalists

The World Association of Newspapers (WAN) has written to Burma’s military junta asking for the release of two Burmese journalists and an end to the repression of journalists working in the country.

According to reports, journalist Ngwe Soe Lin was sentenced to 13 years in prison on 28 January after sending reports to the Norwegian-based broadcaster Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB). Lin’s sentencing follows the 20-year punishment handed out to journalist Hla Hla Win late last year.

Full story and letter sent to the Junta at this link…

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