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July 28 2011


James Murdoch likely to remain BSkyB head after winning key backer

Guardian :: The Guardian reports that James Murdoch is likely to remain chairman of satellite company BSkyB after winning the support of the leading independent director ahead of a crunch meeting later this week Nicholas Ferguson, Sky's deputy chairman, is understood to have given Murdoch his backing after a "long conversation" in a private meeting, despite continuing questions about the role played by Rupert Murdoch's youngest son in the phone-hacking scandal.

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July 20 2011


Rupert Murdoch: "media’s world king of darkness" or victim of a "media crusade"?

Media against media, but what do the victims of the phone-hacking scandal say? How does the family of Milly Dowler feel? They should be first to ask. - The New York Observer would like to end what they call "a media crusade" against Rupert Murdoch. Anyway it's always the better choice to have a closer look at what went really wrong, and yes to hold those accountable for what happened who were in charge in the concrete case. 

Observer :: Rupert Murdoch has apologized, profusely and with genuine humility, to the family of Milly Dowler, the young murder victim whose phone was hacked into by reporters from News of the World. The family’s attorney said that Mr. Murdoch put his head in his hands as he expressed his grief. What more could he have done? How many publishers have apologized to families whose suffering has been exacerbated by media coverage? How many publishers would have closed a valuable property like News of the World? Mr. Murdoch did that, and more—he dropped his bid to purchase BSkyB, which was extremely important to him.

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July 15 2011


A family affair - BSkyB: Rupert Murdoch and Chase Carey overruled James Murdoch

Could be a screenplay for a new Hollywood movie: Scene: Three people in the room. Father, talking unemotionally: "Son, we just wanted to let you know that we've decided upon BSkyB in the meantime" .. silence in the room. - I just wonder HOW that scene might have taken place in reality. 

New York Times The decision to withdraw the bid for BSkyB, as the satellite broadcaster is known, was made as a contentious family drama played out in recent days. James Murdoch, a leading contender to replace his father as chairman and the driving force behind the News Corporation’s bid to take over BSkyB, argued that the company should press for regulatory approval of the deal, but as New York Times reports Rupert Murdoch and the News Corporation’s chief operating officer, Chase Carey, overruled the younger Mr. Murdoch, consulting him only after the decision was all but final.

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July 13 2011


Rupert Murdoch has withdrawn his $12 billion BSkyB bid

Huffington Post :: HuffPo reports that Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. has withdrawn its $12 billion bid for BSkyB. The withdrawal represents a devastating blow to Murdoch, who had desperately sought to take full control of the satellite broadcaster. It comes after the British government dramatically withdrew its support for the bid on Tuesday in consequence of recent phone-hacking scandal in which News of the Worlds was involved.

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July 11 2011


Can Rupert Murdoch's bid to take over BSkyB be stopped? Labour Party vows to fight

New York Times :: The $12 billion bid by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation to take over Britain’s most lucrative satellite broadcast company, British Sky Broadcasting, ran into fresh trouble on Sunday when the opposition Labour Party promised to take the battle against the takeover to a vote in the House of Commons — a step that, if successful, could deal a fatal blow to the bid.

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October 14 2010


Guardian: Murdoch’s media fightback over letter to Cable

A letter signed by numerous media organisations including the BBC and sent to business secretary Vince Cable earlier this week, calling on him to intervene with a planned bid by Murdoch for the remainder of BSkyB, has sparked quick responses from Murdoch’s other media outlets.

According to a report by the Guardian, it was first an editorial in News International’s The Times yesterday, which claimed that BBC director general Mark Thompson had made a “serious and surprising error”.

By lending his name to the campaign to prevent News Corp from purchasing those Sky shares that it does not already own, Mr Thompson has made a serious and surprising error. He has embroiled his taxpayer-funded organisation in a political and commercial battle that it should have nothing to do with.

Then today the Sun’s columnist Kelvin MacKenzie added that Murdoch should be encouraged, not stopped.

The fact that Sky is so successful is due to his three-word mantra: invest, invest, invest. When you look at the list of business duds opposing him, what’s quite clear is they have chosen to survive by three other words: Cut, cut, cut. …It’s hard to know why Vince Cable wouldn’t nod the deal through as Rupert has always run Sky thanks to his near 40% equity ownership and the right he has to pick the chief executive.

… The reality is that Sky owns very few of the channels it broadcasts and many of the stations have minute audiences – especially compared to the state monopolists at the BBC. The issue for our nation should not be how to stop Mr Murdoch investing in Britain but how to encourage him – and many more like him.”

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