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August 20 2012


Barnes & Noble is back in the danger zone

Bloomberg :: Just months after the Microsoft investment, the euphoria has evaporated as it becomes clear that even with Microsoft’s considerable resources and push into tablets and mobile computing, a rapidly changing competitive environment means the largest U.S. bookstore chain will still struggle to avoid the fate of the music and movie stores.

A report by Matt Townsend, www.bloomberg.com

HT: Business Insider (reprint of above article)

July 26 2012


Self-publishing company FastPencil gives some authors more access to Barnes & Noble

paidContent :: Self-publishing company FastPencil is offering some of its authors who pay for its service a better chance to get their books into Barnes & Noble retail stores and featured on Nook merchandising platforms. FastPencil hopes that the offering will help set it apart from free self-publishing platforms like Amazon’s KDP.

A report by Laura Hazard Owen, paidcontent.org

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May 03 2012


Can Barnes & Noble balance physical and online sales without killing itself?

ReadWriteWeb :: In what has long been a nightmare scenario for booksellers, the physical bookstore is becoming a showroom for the online shopper. After casually browsing the tomes in comfort, people will use their smartphone or tablet to buy their choices online at a much lower price. While most booksellers can do little more than fume, Barnes & Noble is not just meeting the threat head on, it's embracing the change.

Continue to read Antone Gonsalves, www.readwriteweb.com

April 29 2012


Should Barnes and Noble break up?

Forbes :: Here’s an interesting idea: that Barnes and Noble should consider splitting the company. Separate the physical bookstores from the virtual business of the Nook and allow that digital business the room and capital to compete with Apple‘s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle?

Continue to read Tim Worstall, www.forbes.com

March 29 2012


Barnes & Noble incorporates in Germany: Closest sign of European Nook launch?

TechCrunch :: Just as Amazon is launching a new Kindle (but not the Fire tablet, yet) in Europe, one of its big competitors is taking one more step in its bid to enter the European market: Barnes & Noble has incorporated a new company, Barnes & Noble Digital Media GmbH, in Germany.

Continue to read Ingrid Lunden, techcrunch.com

February 09 2012


Barnes & Noble won't stock Amazon published titles in their store showrooms

Via Google+ :: Brad Stone posted the complete Barnes and Noble statement on not stocking books of Amazon's new publishing imprint:

Barnes & Noble has made a decision not to stock Amazon published titles in our store showrooms. Our decision is based on Amazon’s continued push for exclusivity with publishers, agents and the authors they represent. These exclusives have prohibited us from offering certain eBooks to our customers. Their actions have undermined the industry as a whole and have prevented millions of customers from having access to content. ...

Continue to read Brad Stone, plus.google.com

January 29 2012


Barnes & Noble: Taking on Amazon in the fight of its life

New York Times :: Inside the great publishing houses — grand names like Macmillan, Penguin and Random House — there is a sense of unease about the long-term fate of Barnes & Noble, the last major bookstore chain standing. First, the megastores squeezed out the small players. (Think of Tom Hanks’s Fox & Sons Books to Meg Ryan’s Shop Around the Corner in the 1998 comedy, “You’ve Got Mail”.) Then the chains themselves were gobbled up or driven under, as consumers turned to the Web. B. Dalton Bookseller and Crown Books are long gone. Borders collapsed last year.

No one expects Barnes & Noble to disappear overnight. The worry is that it might slowly wither as more readers embrace e-books. What if all those store shelves vanished, and Barnes & Noble became little more than a cafe and a digital connection point?

Continue to read Julie Bosman, www.nytimes.com

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