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September 02 2012


ESPN: Everywhere Sports Profit Network

Businessweek :: The company broadcasts more than half of all the live sports seen in the U.S. Through dozens of ESPN-branded TV, Web, and mobile platforms, it also shapes the ways in which leagues, teams, and athletes are packaged, promoted, marketed, and consumed by the public. In a real sense, ESPN no longer covers sports. It controls sports.

A report by Karl Taro Greenfeld, www.businessweek.com

August 22 2012


Longreads offers some exclusive content to paying members

paidContent :: Longform journalism site Longreads is giving paying members exclusive access to long-form content that is not available elsewhere on the web. The first selection is a chapter from Charles Duhigg’s bestselling book “The Power of Habit.”

A report by Laura Hazard Owen, paidcontent.org


Reuters: Barry Diller's IAC offers $300 million for About.com

Reuters :: Barry Diller's IAC/Interactivecorp submitted an offer in excess of $300 million to buy the About.com information website from the New York Times Co.

Exclusive report by Peter Lauria | Jennifer Saba, www.reuters.com

August 20 2012


The Village Voice is not dead yet, contrary to reports

In a BuzzFeed piece about how The Village Voice’s management killed the paper, Rosie Gray reports that "four editorial staffers were laid off or had their hours cut to part-time at The Village Voice." - But "The Village Voice is not dead yet," counters Andrew Beaujon, Poynter.

Here's why - A report by Andrew Beaujon, www.poynter.org


Salaries: TV news and web staff

Poynter :: TV news stations may be hiring (staffing was up 4.3 percent in 2011), but salaries rose only 2 percent, according to an RTDNA/Hofstra University annual survey (PDF download link). “That thin margin of growth suggests that a lot of the hiring in 2011 took place among relatively young, less expensive staffers,” the survey report says.

Salaries (average, median, minimum, maximum) - A report by Jeff Sonderman, www.poynter.org


Discount: 500 word articles for $1

memeburn :: 1DollarArticle is now offering 500 word articles for US$1 and, while it’s safe to say that the internet has disrupted a few traditional businesses, surely the price of good quality content is much greater than that. Is this what it’s come to? Ordering our content from a sweatshop for a minimal price in order to sell our products? The barrier to entry now is so low, is this how far good content has regressed?

[Graeme Lipschitz:] If content is king, can $1 buy you royalty?

Continue to read here Graeme Lipschitz, memeburn.com


Hulu CEO faces big changes

Variety :: "Outline transition plan for new CEO. Discuss potential candidates and process." These sentences are the topmost bullet points of a confidential internal memo regarding the business of Hulu obtained by Variety. Dated in July, the three-page document covers a range of sensitive issues pertaining to how two of Hulu's parent companies, News Corp. and Disney, plan to transform the streaming service.

"The reality of the situation is may be more complicated" - A report by Andrew Wallensten, www.variety.com

August 19 2012


APN's Brett Chenoweth: We're believers in news media generally, newspapers or digital versions

AAP | The Australian :: APN, which owns regional newspapers and radio stations across Australia and New Zealand, posted a loss of $319.4 million in the six months to June 30 after it took $485 million off the value of its New Zealand publishing business.

A report by Kylie Williams, AAP, www.theaustralian.com.au


Layoffs hit editorial staff at The Village Voice

Observer :: Layoffs are hitting the editorial staff at The Village Voice, and they’re hitting some of the most widely-read staff writers in the office. The Observer has heard from multiple sources familiar with the situation that the bad news is beginning to spread around the office.

A report by Foster Kamer, observer.com

BuzzFeed :: At the Voice, people found out the hard way. They tried to log onto their accounts and couldn’t. This happened to blogger Victoria Bekiempis and to reporter Steven Thrasher, who still hadn’t spoken with his boss when I called him at 5:30 Friday evening; he learned the extent of the news through texts and tweets, he said. It was a harsh way to go, but fit what the Voice has become.

Discussed: "How Management Killed 'The Village Voice'" - A report by Rosie Gray, www.buzzfeed.com

August 15 2012


The Carlyle Group and Getty Images management to acquire Getty Images for $3.3b

gettyimages :: Global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group and Getty Images management announced today they have formed a partnership to acquire Getty Images, Inc., a global creator and distributor of still imagery, video and multimedia products, from Hellman & Friedman for $3.3 billion. Carlyle will acquire a controlling stake in Getty Images, while Getty Images Co-Founder and Chairman Mark Getty and the Getty family will roll substantially all of their ownership interests into the transaction. Getty Images management, including Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Klein, will also invest significant equity in the company.

Official press release here company.gettyimages.com

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August 14 2012


Google+ 'Studio Mode': Self-marketing for musicians

... soon available on GoogleTV (right?). How long will musicians need the music industry?

VentureBeat :: Music over online conference lines or video-conferencing software mostly sucks — because the conferencing world is optimized for voice, not song. Google’s trying to change that — and bolster its social network, Google+ — by adding Studio Mode to Hangouts on Air. Studio Mode is a special treat for audiophiles … and bands that want to connect with fans.

A summary by Johne Koetsier, venturebeat.com

August 13 2012


An airplane which suddenly drops 10,000 feet: Magazine business

Newsstand sales numbers are down 10 to 20 percent. "Historically, certain categories of magazine will encounter turbulence, but this time all categories were punished in the pileup," writes David Carr. Parse.ly conclude's that it's not a problem of the medium (print vs. digital), arguing that tablet-only magazines are in free-fall, too, but of the entire magazine market, which is "overpopulated."

New York Times :: Making a weekly newsmagazine has always been a tough racket. It takes a big staff working on punishing deadlines to aggregate the flurry of news, put some learned topspin on it and package it for readers. But that job now belongs to the Web and takes place in real time, not a week later.

[David Carr:] ... magazines, all kinds of them, don’t work very well in the marketplace anymore.

A report by David Carr, www.nytimes.com

August 11 2012


Gannett will buy BLiNQ Media for up to $92m

TechCrunch :: On the heels of Google buying Wildfire and Salesforce nabbing Buddy Media, we have heard from two very reliable sources, plus a third anonymous source, that Gannett Co., the media giant that owns USA Today and other properties, is buying BLiNQ Media. The price for the Facebook advertising software and service is up to $92 million over a period of three to four years, with a quarter of that amount, $23 million, coming up front.

A report by Ingrid Lunden | Josh Constine, techcrunch.com

August 09 2012


$1b-plus lawsuit: Did Martin Sorrell blow off pledge to investigate Television Audience Measurement?

MediaDaily | MediaPost :: Largely overlooked in the coverage of New Delhi Television’s $1 billion-plus lawsuit against Nielsen and Kantar Media is the fact that Kantar parent WPP is also named as a defendant in the suit. Although WPP CEO Martin Sorrell is not specifically named as a defendant, the suit outlines a meeting he attended in India last year

A report by Steve McClellan, www.mediapost.com


$28m in cuts proposed at Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

The Philly Post :: Today, the leadership of the Newspaper Guild, the union that represents many employees of the Inquirer, Daily News, and philly.com, sent an email to its members, making it clear that recent slashes to personnel were just the beginning.

Full text of the email - Continue to read here Victor Fiorillo, blogs.phillymag.com

Andrew Beaujon, Poynter


Q&A: Autosport publisher Rob Aherne on paid content

AOP | Association of Online Publishers :: If we want to continue to set the news agenda and make quality journalism our watchword (and I can assure you that we do), we have to find sources of revenue that go beyond the advertising and sponsorship model.

[Rob Aherne:] Ultimately I believe that our readers appreciate quality journalism, understand what it takes to achieve it and at least some are prepared to pay to help us carry on producing it, and that principle has driven the evolution of our paid-content strategy.

AOP Forum - Perfecting the Freemium Model, 12 Sep 2012, Southwark Street, London : details here

Interview by AOP, www.ukaop.org.uk

August 08 2012


Demand Media beats in Q2 with revenue up strongly

AllThingsD :: Santa Monica, Calif.-base Demand Media beat earnings expectations today, with a strong revenue performance up 17 percent in the second quarter and a small profit. The social content company also said it had added Michael Blend as its new president and COO.

A report by Kara Swisher, allthingsd.com


Digital Generation and Nielsen integrate metrics into TV, video buys

MediaDaily | MediaPost :: Digital Generation, which offers a campaign management platform, has an arrangement with Nielsen to integrate multiple measurement tools into its system for TV and online video buys. The Nielsen products to be melded into the DG platform include the core TV ratings and the fledgling Online Campaign Ratings.

A report by David Goetzl, www.mediapost.com

Official press release: "DG to Integrate Nielsen Data to Deliver Cross-platform Campaign Management and Analytics Suite"

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Disney posts strong Q3 results: Ad revenues mixed

MediaDaily News | MediaPost :: Walt Disney Co. posted some strong third-quarter fiscal results -- driven in large part by its parks and resorts business unit. Advertising results at its TV networks offered more of a mixed picture.

[Wayne Friedman:] Disney says its broadcasting business registered lower advertising revenues from lower ratings. This was offset by higher rates.

A report by Wayne Friedman, www.mediapost.com

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Square partners with Starbucks, raises $25m

TechCrunch :: Mobile payment provider Square will begin processing all US credit and debit card transactions for Starbucks across their 7,000 locations this fall. Pay with Square users will be able to find a nearby Starbucks in the Square Directory from their iPhone or Android smartphone.

A report by Peter Ha, techcrunch.com

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