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May 23 2013


Netflix to Deploy Local “Cache Boxes” for Streaming HD Video to the “Last Mile”

Netflix, which dominates Internet traffic in the U.S. with as much as 30 percent of bandwidth at peak hours, is shifting from its distribution from content delivery networks (CDN’s) which stream from a central point, to a multitude of “cache” boxes which will be widely distributed to Internet provides who will store high quality video locally, says industry analyst Dan Rayburn, director of the Streaming Media conference.

Netflix VP for Content Delivery Ken Florance outlined the plan for the first time publicly at the conference earlier this week.  Rayburn reports about the plans which includes the local cache of HD and super HD 4K content.

The Netflix program is called Open Connect.  Here is a recent report on the new product.

In this video, Rayburn reports on other news and trends from the show including the emergence of H.265 and MPEG-DASH.


April 20 2012


Limelight Networks Sees Stability in Bandwidth Costs

LAS VEGAS -- Pricing compression for Internet bandwidth is "definitely alleviating" says Limelight Network's Json Thibeault in this interview with Beet.TV earlier this week on the floor of NAB.

Downward pressure on prices has been eased by the less agressive stance of CDN provider Level 3, Thibeault says.  While pricing is stabilizing, demand is rising dramatically, he adds in this interview.

He says demand for the company's "end-to-end" solution which includes a online video publishing platform which was acquired with Delve, has been robust.

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April 17 2012


New Live Streaming Standard Championed by Akamai at NAB

LAS VEGAS -- Some 50 of the industry's leading video services companies are rallying around a unified live video streaming protocol known as DASH, says Akamai's Will Law, Principal Architect, Media Division, in this interview with Beet.TV

Members of the DASH Promotors Group includes Akamai, Adobe Microsoft, Qualcomm, Netflix and several others.

Law explains why standardization is essential.

Also in the interview, he explains Akamai's strategies around increased global demand for video streaming.

Andy Plesser


January 19 2012


Akamai Supports Hollywood's "UltraViolet," Bolsters its Content Distribution Network

LAS VEGAS -- At CES, technology giant Akamai threw its weight behind Hollywood's UltraViolet video initiative -- a technlogy which allows consumers to watch and share movies and TV shows across multiple devices, said Kris Alexander, Chief Strategist for Connected Devices & Gaming at Akamai, in this interview with Beet.TV

The UltraViolet platorm is designed to help protect movies and TV programming against digital piracy while allowing users to play DVD content via the cloud across various devices.

More than 750,000 consumers have signed up for the UltraViolet program for access to digital versions of content they've bought on DVD.  But the format has yet to take off in a major way, so support from companies such as Akamai may help.

"This is an important transitional step for consumers," Alexander said. He added that Akamai has added enhancements to security and content distribution over its network, which is vital as more video moves to the cloud. Akamai is also working on solutions to help port content to various smart TV platforms.

Alexander added that Akamai is preparing to deliver Olympic programming across various devices this summer from London.

Please see our exclusive interview with Mitchell Singer, Chief Technology Officer Sony Pictures and head of the UltraViolet initiate. 

Daisy Whtney

May 16 2011


Limelight Reports Big Revenue Surge with Online Video, Mobile Distribution and Cloud Services

Limelight Networks, one of the biggest content delivery networks, has diversified recently into cloud services, mobile distribution and the online video services sector with its acquistion of Delve

Earlier this month, the company reported a 38 percent increase in revenue for Q1.

Last week at the Streaming Media Conference, we spoke with Limelight VP Paul Alfieri about the company and its areas of growth.

In our next report on Limelight, we will feature Alex Castro, founder of Delve and now an executive with Limelight.

Andy Plesser


Tags: CDN

April 18 2011


Akamai Sees Breakthrough via HTTP Dynamic Streaming with Adobe

LAS Vegas -- Akamai has become the first content delivery network to be certified to distribute content via HTTP Dynamic Streaming from Adobe, both companies announced earlier this month.

At the NAB conference last week, we spoke with Akamai's Stuart Cleary about this new delivery platform and why it is important.

Andy Plesser

April 14 2011


Adobe Debuts Media Flash Server for Multiple Platforms Including Apple iOS

LAS VEGAS (via Skype Video)  -- Although Adobe's ubiquitous Flash Player is not on Apple's iOS devices, its Flash Media Server wil soon allow publishers to stream the same live video format to these devices as well to the desktop, Android and some smart TV's, according to Kevin Towes, senior product manager for Adobe's Flash Media Server group.  

We interviewed Towes earlier today from the floor of the NAB Conference via Sky Video.  Earlier this week, Towes blogged about the new server capabilities.  More on this development by Ryan Lawler at NewTeeVee.

Adobe Is Powering P2P with Flash Player 10

He also spoke about the value of the peer-to-peer capability of Flash Player 10 and how it is being utilized.

Andy Plesser


August 11 2010


Brightcove Links With Akamai for Global Content Delivery Services

Brightcove, the big online video platform has switched to Akamai as its primary content delivery network, both companies have announced.

We caught up earlier today with Brightcove SVP Jeff Whatcott via a video Skype for this interview. 

The new alliance with Akamai will provide functionality for publishers including enhanced HD streaming, DVR-like playback and greater global distribution.

He said that the company would continue to use its preferred CDN Limelight as well as other CDN providers.  Publishers can also integrate their own preferred CDN, he says.

Here's more on the Brightcove blog and here is the press release from Akamai.

Other online video platforms which use Akamai include Ooyala and Blip.tv

More on today's news up on Information Week.

Andy Plesser

August 02 2010


Big CDN Limelight Purchases Seattle's OVP Delve Networks, Report

Limelight, the big content delivery network, has purchased Delve Networks, the Seattle-based online video platform company. 

The company has been purchased for an undisclosed amount of cash and stock Ryan Lawler reports at NewTeeVee.

Last year, we interviewed Delve CEO and founder Alex Castro about Delve and its efforts around creating rich metadata around online video.   Castro is staying on with Limelight after the acquisition.

Andy Plesser

June 11 2010


World Cup Fever: Internet Has Busiest News Day as Tabulated by Akamai

Akamai, the world's largest operator of a network of computers which carry video content, reports that today, opening day of the World Cup,  is the busiest day for news sites.  With some 11 million visitor requests per minute to its network, up 233 percent from the normal demand at this time.

The previous record for most video requests was the Inauguration of Barack Obama.

While Akamai does not report on the world's total Internet demand, it caries many of the world's biggest news organizations including the BBC, CNN and NBC.

The Akamai News Index, which is reported here,  tracks over 100 news video sites.

We expect that much of this traffic is coming from demand along with consumption of HD video.  Beet.TV spoke with Akamai's Suzanne Johnson at the NAB conference in April.  We have republished the video today.

Below is a graphic from live counter on the Akamai site, taken at noon EDT today.


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May 17 2010


Adobe's Big Peer-to-Peer Plans

With the imminent  launch of Flash Player 10.1, Adobe will provide publishers with the tools to dramatically reduce bandwidth costs with a new peer-to-peer system, explains Kevin Towes, Product Manager, Adobe Flash Media Server, in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV

The new player includes a P2P program which will allow users to share streaming video (both live and on demand) with others. 

Adobe provides a centralized  management system called Stratus, for which it is paid by publishers, but the big software company does not host or stream these files. 

Towes says the system will eliminate bandwidth costs in some cases, citing specific projections in this interview.

He says that the system will both be a profit center for Adobe, as well as means to deepen the value of Flash in the industry. 

The P2P protocol will be suitable for much Flash video and Flash-powered video games, but not  for high quality, broadcast quality video as P2P on the public Internet has limited capacity. 

The most recent version of the Flash Player, 10.0, had limited utility, allowing a small number of peers to connect.   The new player will be far more robust, he says.

I spoke with Towes at the Streaming Media East conference in New York last week.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

April 20 2010


KIT Digital to Power Tribeca Film Festival Video Site

KIT Digital, the big Pague-based video services company will be powering video on the Tribeca Film Festival site, which will feature several live events and clips from films from this and previous festivals.

KIT is using Akamai for its CDN services.  KIT and the festival organizers made the announcement this morning. 

Earlier this month, we spoke with KIT CEO Kaleil Isaza Tuzman about the company.  In this second interview, he speaks about the value of being a publicly traded company and why it is located in Prague. 

You can find our first interview with Kaleil here.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

April 15 2010


Akamai's Tom Leighton: The Internet Won't Scale With Centralized Data Centers

LAS VEGAS -- Tom Leighton, co-founder and chief scientist of Akamai, says that television content will delivered primarily over the Internet in rich, interactive forms.

But how will the Internet support the enormous demands for bandwidth, asks our Daisy Whitney when she spoke with Leighton on the floor of the NAB conference on Tuesday:

He says that files distributed from central data centers won't scale.  He says a distributed network of servers, placed on the "edge" of the Internet is the solution.  This is the business of Akamai, which has over 60,000 servers located in 750 cities around the globe. 

Shares in the company's stock hit a 52-week high today.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

April 01 2010


Cisco Forecasts Monthly Bandwidth Consumption at an Astounding 15 Terabytes for U.S. Consumers

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The amount of data associated with video consumption per user in the United States has reached 12 gibabytes per month -- globally it is about 4 GB.  

With advent of 3-D video, 4-G mobile, teleconferencing, and other bandwidth intensive video services, consumption per user in the U.S. will eventually reach an astounding 15 terabytes per month, says Cisco.

Daisy sat down with Suraj Shetty, VP of Worldwide Service Provider Marketing, to talk about growing bandwidth demands and the roll out of Cisco's super router CRS 1 later this year.

More to come from Daisy's visit to Cisco.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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