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November 17 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Manage Your Data, Donations, and More with CiviCRM

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Are you looking for a database, but not sure which one is right? Or do you wish your current database allowed you to track donations, volunteers, emails, and events? CiviCRM may be a tool that is right for your organization.

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June 17 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Harness the Power of Your Data with CRM

Techsoup Talks LogoWe all know that it’s important to collect information about our donors, vendors, volunteers, partners, and members. But we don’t always have a good system for capturing this information. In the perfect world our data would be stored all in the same place, in the same way, and be easily accessible by key staff and board members. It would also show relationships and connections.

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March 19 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Is Salesforce CRM Right for Your Organization?

Salesforce.com is a popular cloud computing customer relationship management (CRM) database that’s used by tens of thousands of companies around the globe. Nonprofits are utilizing Salesforce CRM to manage donors, activists, community members, contacts and more. Through the Salesforce.com Foundation product donation program, qualified 501©(3) organizations are able to receive a donation of 10 Salesforce CRM licenses. If you want to learn more, join us for this upcoming free webinar.

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