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May 11 2011


Wall Street Journal Deploying iPhone 4 Globally for News Gathering and Live Streaming

The Wall Street Journal is training its print reporters to use the iPhone 4 for video news gathering and live streaming, says Kevin Delaney, Managing Editor of the WSJ.com

After deploying Sony camcorders and Kodak pocket cameras, the Journal has settled on the iPhone 4 as the device of choice for field reporting, he says in this interview with Beet.TV

The iPhone is in the hands of about two dozen reporters with more to be provided to many of 2000 Journal and Dow Jones newswire staffers around the world, he says.

In February, we reported that The New York Times had begun to use the iPhone 4 for video reporting.

I spoke with Delaney on Tuesday at the Streaming Media East conference where he was a panelist on a session I moderated on the topic of online video journalism.

Below is a photo of the panel, from left to right:  Craig Duff, head of multimedia for Time.com, Kevin Delaney, your beet reporter, and Ann Derry, editorial director of video television for The New York Times.





August 18 2010


BlackBerry and Video News Tool, Kyte Announces Platform Integration

While camera phones and mobile devices have been used by news reporters to shoot and send video for some time,  the BlackBerry has been mostly a communications tool.  With a more sophisticated video camera on later models, this could change.

Kyte, the San Francisco-based online video platform, has launched the ability of customers to upload BlackBerry files directly into the management system for immediate distribution.

Kyte provides video services to Fox News, allowing field reporters and producers to upload mobile files.  (See example below.) 

Our BlackBerry Tour takes pretty good videos and uploads at reasonable speed via Verizon Wireless.  However, we have noticed that Verizon permits somewhat brief video transmissions, under a minute usually.  It  will be interesting to see how Kyte makes video news gathering on the BlackBerry more useful.

Mobile has been a big part of Kyte's strategy from the beginning.  For an overview on the company and initiatives around the Android system, we spoke with founder Daniel Graf earlier this year.  We have republished the interview today.

Andy Plesser

July 12 2010


John Dvorak "Cranky" about Apple's "Breakable" iPhone 4

John C. Dvorak might like SmartPhones but he's not a fan of the iPhone. He doesn't like the AT&T tie-up and he said the new iPhone4 "just looks breakable." After all, who doesn't drop their phone once every few months?

He's not the only one who's concerned about the iPhone. Consumer Reports won't recommend it either.

By contrast, Google's NexusOne is sturdier and has held up well, Dvorak said. Dvorak is one of the foremost technology columnists around.

When I had the chance to be a guest on his weekly podcast Cranky Geeks, I jumped at the opportunity and snagged a few minutes to hear his latest thoughts on tablets, Smartphones and where we're headed next tech wise for Beet.TV.

-Daisy Whitney

November 28 2009


Adobes CTO Kevin Lynch: Video Content will be Soon be Created for the Mobile Device first in "Total Reversal" of Form Factor

SAN FRANCISCO, CA --  With smart phone sales outpacing PC sales, mobile devices represent "the future of media" and video producers will soon begin to produce videos for the small screen first,

in a "total reversal" of platform-specific programming, says Kevin Lynch, Chief Technology Officer of Adobe Systems.

We caught up with him earlier this month at the NewTeeVee Live conference in San Francisco.

In this wideranging interview, he makes his comments about the change to the "small form factor first" in a discussion about smart phones beginning at 2:20.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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