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June 20 2013


Talking is Good, Making is Better

I have a saying: “Talking is good; making is better.” By that, I mean that discussion in all forms is an important means of learning, teaching, and shaping ideas. But it’s even more important to create, whether it’s writing, code, sound or objects.

So since the beginning of this year, I’ve been putting my motto into action by creating Write/Speak/Code, a conference by women developers for women developers.

The five of us co-organizers — Rebecca Miller-Webster (who hatched the idea), Vanessa Hurst, Celia La, Rachel Ober and I — have put together a three-day, hands-on, action-oriented event that will empower women developers to be more visible online and in mass media as opinion writers, at tech conferences as presenters and keynoters, and in the open source community as code contributors.

It’s important to me that technology is shaped by the many people who come in contact with it, and I’m encouraged that women developers have signed up to talk and to make over the next three days. Because I have high hopes for what we’re about to do together, and the change everyone involved can cause.

Write/Speak/Code going to be awesome, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more women of code out there talking and making after Write/Speak/Code.

If you’d like to follow along on Twitter, you’ll find updates at @WriteSpeakCode.

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Talking is Good, Making is Better

I have a saying: “Talking is good; making is better.” By that, I mean that discussion in all forms is an important means of learning, teaching, and shaping ideas. But it’s even more important to create, whether it’s writing, code, sound or objects.

So since the beginning of this year, I’ve been putting my motto into action by creating Write/Speak/Code, a conference by women developers for women developers.

The five of us co-organizers — Rebecca Miller-Webster (who hatched the idea), Vanessa Hurst, Celia La, Rachel Ober and I — have put together a three-day, hands-on, action-oriented event that will empower women developers to be more visible online and in mass media as opinion writers, at tech conferences as presenters and keynoters, and in the open source community as code contributors.

It’s important to me that technology is shaped by the many people who come in contact with it, and I’m encouraged that women developers have signed up to talk and to make over the next three days. Because I have high hopes for what we’re about to do together, and the change everyone involved can cause.

Write/Speak/Code going to be awesome, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more women of code out there talking and making after Write/Speak/Code.

If you’d like to follow along on Twitter, you’ll find updates at @WriteSpeakCode.

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May 30 2013


Last chance for NCT4G Registration - May 31

Don’t miss the NCTech4Good Conference, June 6-7, Chapel Hill, NC.

At the NCT4G Conference, you’ll find networking, training, and will learn from nonprofit professionals and experts. Register by May 31 to save!

Why should you register?


read more

May 09 2013


Make your hotel reservation for the NCTech4Good Conference

Make your reservation by May 16 for Aloft and by May 23 for Courtyard by Marriott to obtain reduced rates for the NCTech4Good Conference June 6-7, in Chapel Hill, NC. http://nctech4good.org/travel

April 09 2013


10 reasons you should attend journalism conference news:rewired

Next Friday (19 April) 35 speakers and more than 200 journalists and other media professionals will come together for news:rewired, a digital journalism conference.

This is the ninth news:rewired conference and is being held at MSN HQ in London, (near Victoria station). It is organised by Journalism.co.uk, a site reporting on innovations in digital journalism.

Here are 10 reasons you should be one of the 250 people attending (and hurry, we don’t have many tickets left and the event always sells out). Here’s the link to buy a ticket.

1. To learn about tools to help you do your job as a journalist

We have Vadim Lavrusik, journalist programme manager for Facebook coming over from the US to lead a practical keynote session in Facebook tools for journalists. Before joining Facebook, Vadim worked at Mashable and the New York Times.

Madhav Chinnappa and Stephen Rosenthal from Google will lead a Google tools masterclass. You can learn how to get your content on the Google Currents app and how to use various free tools.

You can learn how to use Popcorn Maker, a tool for creating web-native video.

2. To hear about developments that have taken place in digital journalism so far in 2013

That includes the release of Vizibee, a video network app for journalists, and the launch of BuzzFeed UK. We have Luke Lewis, editor of BuzzFeed UK leading a workshop on growing a social media communities. The lightning round will highlight a few other new projects and businesses too and there will be an announcement at the event from ipadio.

3. To hear speakers travelling from the US and elsewhere

We have speakers travelling from far and wide for the event. This is a rare opportunity to hear from Vadim Lavrusik from Facebook, from Cory Haik from the Washington Post and from ProPublica’s Blair Hickman.

We also have speakers from ScribbleLive (Canada), Newsmodo (Australia), Scoopshot (Finland) and the Mozilla Foundation (Italy).

4. To hear from key news outlets

We have speakers from Washington Post, ProPublica, Huffington Post UK, BuzzFeed UK, the Financial Times, Guardian, the Economist, CNN, Trinity Mirror Regionals, RTE, Channel 4 News, BMJ and The Next Web.

5. To attend practical sessions and hear case studies

The sessions are highly practical and case-study led so that by the end of the day you will have a Twitter stream, notebook, or memos on your phone or tablet filled with ideas shared during the day.

You can hear about sources of government data, how the BMJ is doing in-depth investigations, how the Washington Post is approaching curation, how ProPublica, CNN iReport and Trinity Mirror regionals are encouraging community participation, and you will get chance to ask questions and take part in a debate about standards and best practice in making corrections online, communicating on social media and linking to sources.

6. For ideas on making digital journalism pay

There will also be a Q&A session with three people who have launched journalism start-ups. It’s a chance for you to find out how they are making money and lessons learnt along the way. This could be a useful resource for anyone thinking of starting their own project or looking for ideas for new revenue streams for a news outlet.

7. For ideas for low and zero budgets

Each session is designed to include ideas for news outlets of all sizes and all budgets. If you work in a small newsroom without a dedicated social media team, without data journalists and developers, you will leave the event with just as many ideas as the people attending who work for larger outlets.

8. It’s also about the conversations

Attending conferences is not just about hearing case studies that give you ideas for your own projects and practical tips and tools, it is also about the conversations you have during coffee breaks and over our after-event drinks. Fellow delegates can also inspire ideas and spark new connections, which can then lead to partnerships and even job opportunities.

You might want to take a look at the delegate list to see who’s coming (most, but not all, delegates are included on the list).

9. It’s just £130

Not bad for hearing from 35 speakers, attending seven sessions (there are 11 sessions in total, with two streams running in parallel at various points in the day). The price also includes lunch and networking drinks.

10. Don’t just take our word for it

Here are a few things previous delegates have said about the event:

“Spend a day at news:rewired, then go back and wow your colleagues with your new found technical expertise,” Janet Snell, RCN Publishing.

“The combination of speakers from the cutting edge of journalism and an assembly of people driven to be at the cutting edge makes news:rewired the most electric gathering of journalists in Europe. A must-attend,” Markham Nolan, Storyful

“A conference that invests in talking about the future of journalism and social media, rather than simply reacting to changes in practice after they’ve already happened,” Richard Moynihan, Metro

The speaker list is here, the agenda is here, and you can buy tickets here.

April 08 2013


#newsrw final session to discuss digital journalism ethics and standards

Journalism.co.uk’s one-day digital journalism conference news:rewired, which takes place later this month on Friday 19 April, will close with a joint discussion session looking at ethics and standards in online journalism, from social media etiquette to linking policies and online corrections.

The session will feature a panel of digital journalists who will share their advice and tips on best practice online:

  • Tom Standage, digital editor, the Economist
  • Jenny Rigby, social media and special projects producer, Channel 4 News
  • Sean Ingle, sports editor, Guardian.co.uk
  • Martin Bryant, managing editor, The Next Web

The session will be driven by discussion between the panel members and the audience.

The full agenda for the conference, which is being held at MSN UK’s offices in Victoria, London, is available online, and there are still tickets left for those who would like to attend on the day.

Tickets cost just £130+VAT and include lunch and refreshments during the day and networking drinks after the event. The conference usually sells out, so buy tickets now to avoid disappointment.

For those interested in an additional day, we also offer ‘news:rewired plus’ tickets for just £310, which include both a ticket to the news:rewired conference on Friday 19 April and a day of intensive training in either advanced online research or data visualisation the day before, Thursday 18 April. Space on these training courses is limited, so book now to secure a place.

April 04 2013


Announcing Scoopshot as latest sponsor of news:rewired


We’re pleased to announce Scoopshot as the latest sponsor of news:rewired, which takes place on Friday 19 April.

The one-day digital journalism conference will be held at MSN UK’s offices in Victoria, London.

Scoopshot helps news outlets gather images and video from users who can submit content and state the cost to use it. Media companies can also set “tasks” to request specific content via its mobile app.

Chief executive of Scoopshot Niko Ruokosuo will join the participatory communities session panel at news:rewired. The session will look at engagement with news communities and developing contributory networks.

“Scoopshot looks forward to sharing with the news:rewired audience how a community of a quarter of a million mobile contributors can be used to get instant, unique and authentic image content about anything from anywhere in the world,” the company said.

The rest of the panel includes Blair Hickman, social media producer at ProPublica, Jo Kelly, communities editor for Trinity Mirror regionals and Sarah Brown, a producer at CNN iReport.

The full agenda can be found online, and there is still time to join us on the day. The remaining tickets can be bought at this link for just £130 +VAT each.

April 02 2013


A closer look at who is coming to news:rewired on Friday 19 April

With most of the tickets for digital journalism conference news:rewired now sold, we’ve taken a look at which organisations delegates are coming from. The list includes local, national and international news outlets, universities, PR agencies and technology firms, as well as a number of freelance journalists. See the Wordle below for a visualisation of the delegate list by company or organisation:

Delegate company wordle April 2013

A list of most of the delegates who will be attending on the day can be found here. There are still some tickets available for just £130 +VAT, which can be purchased at this link.

The agenda and speakers list can also be found on the event website. The speakers list includes digital journalism experts from outlets including Facebook, Google, the Washington Post, the Guardian, Channel 4 News, Huffington Post UK, CNN iReport, ProPublica and many more.

August 07 2012


First speaker and session details for news:rewired, Thursday 6 December

We’re pleased to announce the first speaker and session details for the next news:rewired, taking place on Thursday 6 December.

news:rewired will bring together key digital journalism experts and innovators for a day of sessions, workshops, debates and discussion, geared towards equipping you with knowledge of the latest techniques and tools for producing top-notch digital journalism, as well as offering insight into some of the innovative projects evolving within today’s newsrooms – and outside of them.

Here are just some of the session and workshop topics that will be covered at the one-day conference:

  • a look at the key digital lessons learned by news outlets in 2012
  • the opportunities for long-form, in-depth journalism on digital platforms
  • collecting social conversations on networked platforms
  • ideas on how to measure success and make money in the coming year
  • tips for effective audio storytelling
  • reporting in real-time and best practice in liveblogging
  • top tips for Twitter reporting strategy

Sessions will range from panels offering presentations and discussion around certain topics, and more workshop-style sessions, offering demonstrations and practical guides to digital tools.

Speakers already confirmed include:

  • Bobbie Johnson, co-founder of Matter and European editor of GigaOm
  • Alex Miller, executive editor of VICE UK
  • Nate Lanxon, editor of Wired.co.uk
  • Google+ (speaker to be confirmed)

We will be announcing more session and speaker details very soon; keep an eye on www.newsrewired.com for regular updates.

At December’s event we want to make sure delegates get to hear about as many of the tools and platforms which have launched in the past year as possible, and offer the chance to meet those behind the technology.

So this time we’re also looking to include a ‘lightning round‘ of 90-second thought provokers. Let us know if you’d like to suggest anyone to take part in this (feel free to nominate yourself) and we will select around six projects to hear about on the day. We are particularly keen to make sure this gives young innovators in the journalism industry a chance to showcase their work.


  • Thursday 6 December at MSN UK, Cardinal Place, Victoria, London.

There are two ticketing options for news:rewired this time round.

news:rewired: Delegates can purchase a ticket for the one-day conference at the earlybird discount rate of £95 (+VAT) for a limited time. Lunch and refreshments will also be provided at the day-long event, as well as networking drinks afterwards.

news:rewired PLUS: With this new option delegates can instead purchase one of our news:rewired PLUS tickets, which includes both a day’s intensive training on the Wednesday (5 December) and the day-long conference on the Thursday (6 December).

With the news:rewired PLUS ticket delegates can choose one of the three options below for the day of intensive training (the links below give an idea of the content of each course – the dates mentioned on the pages linked to are not part of news:rewired PLUS, this is only available on Wednesday 5 December):

- Introduction to data journalism, run by Paul Bradshaw

- Online media law, run by David Banks

- Advanced online research skills, run by Colin Meek

news:rewired PLUS tickets are also available at an earlybird discount rate of £280 (+VAT).

There will only be 50 tickets (including news:rewired and news:rewired PLUS tickets) available at the discounted rate.

We’ve already sold a third of these and the discount will only apply until 31 August. After this date or once all the tickets have been sold, whichever comes first, the news:rewired ticket price will rise to £130 (+VAT) and the news:rewired PLUS ticket price will rise to £310 (+VAT).

You can buy either of these tickets at this link. If you select a news:rewired PLUS ticket we will contact you to confirm which training course you would like to attend on the Wednesday and provide further details. Space on these training courses will be limited and running of them will be subject to demand.

If you have already booked a ticket for news:rewired and would like to upgrade to a news:rewired PLUS ticket contact Journalism.co.uk editor Rachel McAthy via email.

May 04 2012


Jonathan Zittrain Takes the Stage at ROFLCon

Today with MIT Civic Media Center's Matt Stempeck and Stephen Suen, I'm live-blogging ROFLCon, a conference for things and people who are famous on the Internet. The livenote index is here.

Christina Xu, the event organizer, starts off ROFLCon to cheers. It's an amazingly packed venue. "One out of eight people in this room have done something crazy on the Internet," she says.


Zittrain on memes and society

Jonathan Zittrain is an Internet phenomenon. Emerging from humble beginnings as a longtime CompuServe forum sysop, he is now professor of law at Harvard Law School where he co-founded the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

He starts by saying that fame can be tricky: "Just before the talk, someone came up to me and said, 'are you the huh guy? I thought you were the huh guy! I'm not that famous. I can aspire. In this room is the engine that makes the Internet sing ... Who's minding the store? Is this going to be a day without memes?"

"Where's Tron Guy?" asks Zittrain. Tron Guy, in full costume, raises his hand, and the room bursts into applause.

Zittrain says he isn't sure if he's one of these "Internet ROFL people" -- hence the tie. It's hard to explain what you're doing this weekend to friends and family who are not part of this tribe, he quips.

But he does have some background in the Internet. He shows us a picture of him using a Texas Instruments home computer with a 300-baud modem, with the obligatory model rockets, and the Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus -- just because you might run out of words.

Zittrain used to work for CompuServe and also got involved in politics. He threw his weight behind Mondale/Ferraro 1984. "At least I carried Minnesota," he says. "And the District of Columbia." When he wasn't doing those things, he was usually spending time stuffed inside a locker. "Whatever that does not stuff you so that you die, makes you stronger," he noted.

Zittrain thinks the image of a nerd stuffed in a locker helps us understand memes -- the dramatic moment of pathos.

"They're all crazy; I'm normal ... they're bad, and we're good. And here's to us for being good," he says. But that opens us up to the charge that this culture, the Internet, is not real life, and is rather a form of retreat. At the base of a lot of memes is some authentic, unguarded voluntary moment, Zittrain says. There's artifice around it, but there is often something authentic beneath it. That's not always the case -- consider Dramatic Hamster. Sometimes a hamster isn't a hamster. But there are other times that it's striking closer to a certain chord.

Wires can be crossed when this culture is commercialized. The nerds struck back against Hot Topic when they produced a T-shirt of Rage Guy.

unstaged authenticity

There's something about commercialization which is always at arm's length of Internet culture. Zittrain talks to us about the most recent Calgary Comic Con, where they invited the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Going to the cons involves waiting in lines to get your photo with the cast. It has an Apple Commercial 1984 feel to it -- take a photo with the cast, you cannot touch the cast. He tells us about one of the least proud moments of The Oatmeal, a contest for advice features. There appears to be a negative attitude towards those who intentionally try to "engineer" a meme. People don't like being prompted -- it feels like trying too hard, feels inorganic.

We like unstaged authenticity, like Disaster Girl, who grins deviously as a house burns to the ground behind her. She rather enjoys the attention, and we are pleased to see her embrace her inadvertent success, but there are still lines that you can cross. The point at which you're running your own network and have a store-- maybe not.

Internet Fame is like winning the lottery -- it seems good until someone gets killed. What better example of this ambivalence than Star Wars Kid? So far as he knew, this was an exercise that would be completely private. He didn't realize that when he turned the camcorder in at school that it would be posted to YouTube. Jonathan shows us the video of the the Matrix Version of Star Wars Kid. In Wikipedia, there's a debate on the talk page on whether or not it is right for Wikipedia, the knowledge repository of record for humanity, to include his name in the page. Ultimately, they decided not to name him, despite the fact that the mainstream media has done it several times. And people on Wikipedia fell into line-- upholding the process with which they disagreed.

Can we build an infrastructure of meme propagation that respects people's preferences. He shows us one of the Awkward Family photo sites, with an image that says, "Image removed at request of owner." There are enough yuks to go around, so why not take down private content when someone asks us to?

Jonathan would love to see an infrastructure built native to the web which makes it possible for people to opt out of the celebrity of being a meme. This isn't DRM, but maybe something like robots.txt (a directive that tells web crawlers like Google which subdirectories not to index). Search companies respect robots.txt. No Internet organization created this. But people and companies respect it anyway-- a way to say, "Do you mind?" This is often used with court documents. How could we build this into our technology and our culture? One guy made a T-shirt that reads, "I do not agree to the publication of this photo."

In short, how can we enjoy the culture of Lulz which also respecting people's wishes?

A longer version of this post can be found on the MIT Center for Civic Media blog.

January 19 2012


Announcing Business Wire as the lunch sponsor of news:rewired – media in motion

With just two weeks until news:rewired – media in motion we’re proud to announce Business Wire as the sponsor of lunch on the day of the event.

Business Wire, which has 31 offices across the world, offers a press release distribution service aimed at public and investor relations professionals. The company also provides news outlets with multimedia content such as images and video footage, as well as company details, via both online channels and direct feeds into the newsroom.

News agencies including Associated Press, Agence France-Presse and Thomson Reuters form part of Business Wire’s more than 60-strong distribution network.

For more information on Business Wire visit www.businesswire.co.uk.

Twitter: @BusinessWire


A Wordle to show who is coming to news:rewired – media in motion

With tickets now sold out for news:rewired – media in motion, who will be there on the day?

A list of delegates is available here, but we have also created the Wordle below to illustrate the representation of companies at the digital journalism conference on 3 February, based on the delegates attending:

December 01 2011


Jonah Peretti’s secrets to making content go viral

Few people know as much about making content go viral on the web as Jonah Peretti, Huffington Post cofounder and BuzzFeed founder. He’s turned doing so into a science, and at Business Insider’s Ignition conference this week Peretti shared his best tips and tricks for making content go...


The Future of Media: Apple TV, Pandora in cars, engaging tablets

What does the future of media hold? A new Apple TV, Pandora streaming in cars, increased reader engagement thanks to tablets, according to the speakers at the first day of Business Insiders’ Ignition: Future of Media conference. Among the most interesting take-aways so far: Apple analyst Gene...


Pandora coming to your car

Pandora is working with car manufacturers to make Pandora seamlessly integrated into cars, CEO Joe Kennedy said today at Business Insider’s Ignition conference. Here is a view preview of how it is integrated into Chevrolet’s upcoming Mylink system – a new touchscreen, voice...

September 16 2011


Announcing Tableau as the latest sponsor of news:rewired – connected journalism

Award-winning data visualisation tool Tableau has been named as the latest sponsor of Journalism.co.uk’s news:rewired – connected journalism conference, on 6 October.

The digital journalism conference will focus on opportunities for greater integration and collaboration, within the newsroom and with the wider community.

Tableau’s senior product consultant, Andy Cotgreave, will join the integrated storytelling panel at news:rewired – connected journalism. Cotgreave is a skilled data story teller who has used Tableau to tell countless stories from new and unexpected perspectives, including how people use London’s Barclays Cycle Hire and how to get cheap tickets to the 2012 Olympics.

The session will be a great opportunity for delegates to get a taster of just some of the tools available online which support truly multimedia reporting, as well as top tips on how to curate and collect the best content for the platform.

Tableau Public is a free software application that allows journalists to create interactive charts and share them online. The software features an intuitive drag and drop interface and does not require any computer programming skills to operate.

Cotgreave will be joined by co-founder of Storify Xavier Damman and online video journalist, lecturer and blogger Adam Westbook. More speakers for the session are still to be announced.

Cotgreave said:

Tableau is excited to be sponsoring the news:rewired conference. We’re living in a world where the volume of data is increasing exponentially. At the same time, journalists are expected to post engaging stories almost instantly. Tableau Public is designed with these demands in mind: our vision is to make it easy for anyone to tell stories with data in way that is fast, easy and beautiful.

Tableau Public is used by numerous news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post and Argentina’s La Nación. Tableau also makes several other analytical products including Tableau Digital, which enables users to create interactive visuals and also provides them with customisation tools to tell a single story in many ways.

Tickets for news:rewired are still available and cost just £130 (+VAT). Only a third of the tickets are left so book yours now at this link to avoid disappointment.

June 13 2011


What @MayorEmanuel teaches us about real-time information flow

Information can at times move so quickly these days that it can be almost impossible to control the narrative that it creates — even one of your own creation. Dan Sinker, who created the @MayorEmanuel parody Twitter feed when Rahm Emanuel began running for mayor of Chicago, gave a fascinating look at how information flows across the real-time web at the Personal Democracy Forum, telling the story of how his feed evolved and how impossible it can be to control the narrative. “As our communications grow more and more complex, the speed that they travel and faster and faster, the voices within more volumnous, the implications of the chorus harder and harder to control.”



Applying the Slow Food movement to news

In his recent talk to the Personal Democracy Forum, author Dan Gillmor argues for applying the Slow Food movement to news. By that he means, take a breadth. “The sooner something is on Twitter after a major event, the more skeptical… or at least the more you should reserve judgement about it…. The things that are the most amazing, I put in the category of interesting if true. And that feels right to me.”

May 26 2011


American Marketing Association Nonprofit Marketing Conference

OnPointPlease join us for the 2011 Nonprofit Marketing Conference in DC, July 11-13.
The line-up is amazing, the presenters an incredible mix of nonprofit marketing experts.

Here are a few of the tech-related highlights:

    Social Media Success for Nonprofits

    More than three-quarters of surveyed nonprofits in 2010 said that social media works best for “enhancing relationships with existing audiences.” But, are there more benefits coming with evolving use? Should nonprofits be using one networking site or more? Are there any strategies to managing the time it takes to grow social networks? And, how will services like Facebook and Twitter be changing in the future?

    Register for this three-hour, pre-conference workshop with renowned social media expert, Blue State Digital, the company that has crafted and implemented powerful social media campaigns for dozens of issue organizations and cultural institutions. We'll talk about some tactics that have worked well for BSD clients (like Obama for America, the NAACP, the Jewish Federations, Share Our Strength, US Soccer, and the It Gets Better Project) and others. We'll discuss where the biggest bang for the buck is for nonprofits, and where the risks are. We'll have a special conversation about prioritizing staff time in an era of limited resources. And, we'll reserve time to discuss your own programs and challenges.

    Lead presenter Rich Mintz will be joined by other members of BSD's communications team to talk about social media programs they worked on, why they made the decisions they did, and what results they achieved.  

    This is a hands-on session. Bring your laptop or mobile device!
    Presenter: Rich Mintz
    , Vice President, Strategy, Blue State Digital

  • All a Twitter July 12
    A recent study shows that 78% of nonprofit organizations find Twitter to be the most effective social media tool for reaching new supporters. This interactive session will focus on the future of social media and Twitter as they are being played out in the nonprofit sector and will include:  

    ·         Twitter best practices for nonprofits

    ·         Successful nonprofit campaigns on Twitter

    ·         Fundraising/membership on Twitter

    ·         Tools and tricks to use with Twitter

    ·         How Twitter benefits your integrated marcom strategy

    Bring your laptop or mobile device for hands-on practice!
    : David Neff,Senior Digital Strategist, Ridgewood: Ingenious Communication Strategy, co-author, The Future of Nonprofits: Innovate and Thrive in the Digital Age

  • Nonprofit Customer Acquisition and Retention: Traditional vs Digital Methods for Maximizing ROI

    July 12
    In order for nonprofits to survive and thrive, they need to continually acquire/recruit new donors, members, supporters, clients, and volunteers. Once they're in the door, however, attrition rates can soar without a sound stewardship and engagement program to retain them and grow revenue.

    Presenters: Allyson Kapin, Founder at Women Who Tech, Partner, Rad Campaign; Eric Rardin, Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2

 Get the earlybird discount of $100 if you register before June 11! There are group discounts, too, for nonprofits sending three or more employees. Click the image to find out more! JUST BE THERE!

May 12 2011


Amazing deal: 50% off ReadWriteWeb digital media conference


2WAY SummitCyberJournalist.net is pleased to offer its readers 50% off registration to the ReadWriteWeb 2WAY Summit June 13th and 14th at Columbia University in New York City. This is shaping up to be a fantastic conference, including speakers such as Union Square Ventures’ VC Fred Wilson, Mahalo founder Jason Calcanis, NPR social media guru Andy Carvin, Gawker Media founder Nick Denton, Hunch co-founder Chris Dixon, and many more.


The conference will also include highly interactive breakout sessions, some of which have been proposed and will be led by RWW readers.

Click here to get the special discount.

For full speaker and program information, visit http://www.readwriteweb.com/2way/

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