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July 26 2010


Daily Star admits making ‘no attempt to check the accuracy’ of story

The Daily Star apologised this weekend after publishing an article on its website claiming a games company were planning to release a video game based on Raoul Moat, admitting they “made no attempt to check the accuracy of the story”.

Journalism.co.uk reported that the newspaper had removed the article last week, saying they would investigate the matter.

They have now issued a full apology to the games company in question, Rockstar Games.

We apologise for publishing the story using a mock-up of the game cover, our own comments on the matter and soliciting critical comments from a grieving family member (…) We unreservedly apologise to Rockstar Games and we have undertaken not to repeat the claims again. We have also agreed to pay them a substantial amount in damages which they are donating to charity.

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July 22 2010


Daily Star pulls Raoul Moat videogame article following complaints

The Daily Star has removed an article published on its website yesterday that claimed a videogame based on Raoul Moat was in development.

“[L]ast night gaming websites showed the cover of Grand Theft Auto Rothbury – a version of the XBox hit Grand Theft Auto,” the article, which is still available at time of writing as a Google Cache, said.

But several gaming news websites, including Escapist Magazine and Future’s Computer and Video Games, raised concerns about the article.

The Star told Journalism.co.uk that it had temporarily removed the article following complaints, which it was investigating.Similar Posts:

March 23 2010

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