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February 13 2010


Nexus One Phone Release Date

Alright consumers get ready to buy Googleâ??s nexus One phone. The word is out that you can buy Google phone directly from Googleâ??s store or through a carrier of your choice. Google is in process to add more carriers to provide service on Nexus One phone. Some of the carriers will start giving services by 2010 end. T-Mobile will start selling online services to users right away and Vodafone and Verizon will start giving service by mid 2010. The current <strong>Nexus One phone release </strong>is through Google operated web stores only.

 Google clearly is trying ti beat apple corporation in his core competence. Like Apple beat Sony in MP3 player category same Google is trying to do with Apple. Google is coming out with cool features such as voice enabled keyboard and cool widgets to access YouTube videos. The idea is to provide new experience to users to access web enabled application and give social networking a new meaning.

 The current sales pitch only through Google web stores are to create more hype abut the phone as phones are not available in market. Also it gives added advantage to Google to streamline their production release and same time they can structure their release step by step. Getting in to agreement with different carriers in world and providing services in well released manner.

 It will be interested to see how iPhone consumers will react to new features of Nexus One Phone. Clearly the cool features of Nexus One have created ripples in iPhone community. No body accepted to break current monopoly of iPhone in smart phone so easily. If Googleâ??s nexus One phone lives up to the expectation of smart phone community and there is freedom to choose carriers and economical monthly plan then this is knockout punch to iPhone.


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