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April 24 2012


The "Addressable" Electorate: Microsoft Xbox LIVE and 2012 Presidential Election

Microsoft's Xbox LIVE, the fast growing gaming console, which has become a primary video consumption platform for some 40 million users around the globe, allows advertisers to reach highly specific audiences according to interests, gender, location and other factors. 

Here in in the United States, Microsoft is working with advertisers on several micro-targeted campaigns. 

In this interview with Beet.TV, Ross Honey, GM of Xbox LIVE Entertainment and Advertising, says that there is  a big opportunity for geo-targeting in the upcoming presidential campaign, notably in swing states.   He says that Microsoft is currently "in discussions"  with the national campaigns to implement these solutions.

Also in the interview, Honey explained the new relationship with longtime content partner ESPN and the new arrangement by which the sports network can sell its own advertising on the Xbox LIVE platform.

We interviewed Honey at the Microsoft Digital New Fronts in Manhattan earlier today.

Andy Plesser

April 20 2012


Looming Video Platform Wars: Microsoft's Windows 8 Will Be Ahead of Apple, Revision3's Louderback

LAS VEGAS -- The upcoming Fall release of Windows 8 aka "Metro" will be a big breakthrough in presenting video in a unified format on multiple screens, putting it ahead of Apple, says Jim Louderback, CEO of the big video tech/lifestyle producer Revision3.

We caught up with the veteran journalist turned media executive on Tuesday at the NAB Show.

Louderback says Revision3 is streaming 100 million monthly video views.  He tells Beet.TV that the most popular Android App is for the Kindle Fire.

Andy Plesser


April 14 2012


MIT's Jason Pontin: Tablets Must be Based on Open Standards to Succeed

The "feckless infatuation" of magazine publishers to creating closed-garden Apps to replicate their publications has proven to be a disappointment, says Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of MIT's Technology Review in this 10-minute video.

He says that the medium of the Internet is fundamentally "linky" and that for tablets to succeed, they need to be built on open standards, namely HTML5.

In this keynote address to the Beet.TV Executive Retreat, he discusses the evolution of digital medium and the challenges presented to advertisers and publishers.

Andy Plesser

January 11 2012


Connected TV's, Online Video a Big Focus at CES

The annual Consumer Electronics Shows kicked off this week in Las Vegas, and already manufacturers such as Panasonic and Samsung have struck deals to include more online video ads in their connected TVs, the latest sign that the Internet TV market is poised for rapid growth.

Last year alone, connected TVs accounted for about 52 million sets sold and that number should rise this year. Many manufacturers are showing new sets at the show with additional "smart capabilities" built in, said research firm Retrevo. For more details, check out this week's New Media Minute.

-Daisy Whitney

Note:  Daisy's NMM is produced and sponsored separtely from Beet.TV.   We are pleased to feature it regulalry.   AP

January 03 2012


Digitas' Ashley Swartz: Cord-Cutting, Connected TV's Loom Large at CES

While industry titan Microsoft's swan song will be at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has grabbed headlines, the annual convention will be a major showcase for convergence and connected TVs.

Indeed, given the spreading use of tablets and the increasing ease of cutting the cord, convergence is finally upon consumers and advertisers, said Ashley Swartz, SVP/Leader iTV Practice at Digitas, during a recent interview with Beet.TV

She cut the cord herself in June and now relies on an HDMI connection with a Roku, Boxee, XBox, Logitech Google TV and an Apple TV to pipe programming into the home, as well as a tablet and laptop.

But rather than adding to confusion, that device proliferation can help spread convergence in earnest in 2012, she predicted. "The experience of creating the living room you want has gotten easier and device proliferation is less of a challenge," she said. "The idea of an entirely connected household where brands can find an opportunity to contextually present themselves is changing and technology is driving that."

SNL Kagan has said that 10% of consumers will have cut the cord by 2015, up from 4% at the end of 2011. Connected devices will be a key focus at CES.

This segment was taped at a two-hour session at the Manhattan offices of Livestream.

Daisy Whitney

December 21 2011


Hipsters with Rabbit Ears? Boxee to Deliver Broadcast TV in HD via USB Dongle

In January, owners of the Boxee Box can expand their viewing to include local HD broadcast channels with the purchase of a $49 dollar USB dongle which connects to the Box.  The dongle is called Boxee Live TV.

It is a TV receiver for HD broadcast channels.  The reception depends on the strength of the broadcast signal - but comes with a portable antenna an can connect to a coax cable.  Who knows, we might see hipsters using old fashion "rabbit ears" antennas to pull in a clear signal.

In this segment, Boxee co-founder and CEO Avner Ronen talks about the launch of the new product and the opportunity for cord cutters to soon access a majority of television's most popular programming.

He is interrviewed by Ross Rubin, analyst with the NPD Group.

This interview was part of a two-hour Beet.TV program streamed last week from the Livestream studios on Manhattan.

Andy Plesser


Tags: Devices

October 07 2011


Break Media has 1.5 Million Downloads of its Video App

Break Media, the Los Angeles-based video producer of original video for young men, has 1.5 million downloads of is App for Apple iOS and Android, says Andy Tu, VP of Marketing.

Tu says user engagement with the Apps are notable with frequent visits and longer time spent with content.

In the interview, he speaks about new programming initiatives and the growth of the company's video ad network.

We spoke with him earlier this week in Manhattan.

Andy Plesser

Tags: Devices

May 11 2011


Wall Street Journal Deploying iPhone 4 Globally for News Gathering and Live Streaming

The Wall Street Journal is training its print reporters to use the iPhone 4 for video news gathering and live streaming, says Kevin Delaney, Managing Editor of the WSJ.com

After deploying Sony camcorders and Kodak pocket cameras, the Journal has settled on the iPhone 4 as the device of choice for field reporting, he says in this interview with Beet.TV

The iPhone is in the hands of about two dozen reporters with more to be provided to many of 2000 Journal and Dow Jones newswire staffers around the world, he says.

In February, we reported that The New York Times had begun to use the iPhone 4 for video reporting.

I spoke with Delaney on Tuesday at the Streaming Media East conference where he was a panelist on a session I moderated on the topic of online video journalism.

Below is a photo of the panel, from left to right:  Craig Duff, head of multimedia for Time.com, Kevin Delaney, your beet reporter, and Ann Derry, editorial director of video television for The New York Times.





May 04 2011


Mobile Advertising Drives Sales, Google Study Finds

About 71 percent of Smartphone users search for related content on their Smartphones after being exposed to ads online and offline.
That's the finding of a new study from Google on mobile search and mobile advertising behavior.
The study also found that about 82 percent of people notice mobile ads and 74 percent are driven to make a purchase after using their mobile phones while shopping, such as comparing prices or locating a store. For more details, check out this week's New Media Minute.
-Daisy Whitney
Editor's Note:   Daisy's New Media Minute is produced and sponsored separately from Beet.TV. We are pleased to pubish it regularly here.


May 02 2011


Skype + Qik: The Emerging Ecosystem of Asynchronous and Synchronous Video Communications

Following Skype's purchase earlier this year of Redwood City-based mobile video chat platform Qik, the combined company aims to deliver both live video calling and delivered video messages, covering both asynchronous and synchronous communications on a global basis, says Qik co-founder Baskhar Roy in this interview with Beet.TV

We spoke with him via Skype Video.

Last week, the company announced that its mobile video app was interoperable between the Apple iOS and Android platforms.

Andy Plesser



April 13 2011


Avner Ronen: Live Network Programming on Boxee is a "Couple Years" Away

LAS VEGAS -- While consumption of video-on-demand on Boxee is growing with premium services including Vudu, the HD movie service, and the MLB.com, the integration of live network programming is a "couple years" off says Avner Ronen, CEO of Boxee in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV 

We spoke Ronen yesterday at the NAB conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Andy Plesser

March 06 2011


Digital Media Milestone: News Consumption via Mobile Reaches Nearly Half for Financial Times

The introduction of tablets and smart phones has driven extraordinary growth in digital news consumption.  According to Robert Grimshaw, Managing Director of the the FT.com, approximately forty-five percent of digital news is now consumed via mobile devices.

Coupled with the growth in consumption, has been the interest in advertisers around advertising on the mobile platforms, which was nearly non-existant just one year ago, he said in this interview with Beet.TV

We spoke with Grimshaw in Manhattan on Thursday at the paidContent2011 conference where he was a panelist.

He speaks to the success of the online subscription for the Financial Times, which is now at around 200,000, has reached half of the worldwide print circulation of 400,000.  He said that growth of digital subscriptions has risen by fifty percent in 2010.

He also speaks about the profitability of the the paper's online video efforts.

Grimshaw: Apple is Giving us a "Headache" 

More conversations with Grimshaw in this video interview conducted by paidContentUK editor Robert Andrews. Grimshaw comments on the recently introduced policies by Apple around payment for content on the iPad.  

Andy Plesser

February 26 2011


The "Wow Effect" of Apps for Video News Producers: They Can "Reinterpret and Reinvigorate Brands," CNN's Mike Toppo

The power of Apps for video news producers is profound, allowing them to "reinvent" themselves to consumers says CNN.com's Mike Toppo, Senior Director for News Operations in this segment from the Beet.TV Video Journalism Summit at The Washington Post earlier this month.

Says Jeff Whatcott, Senior VP of Brightcove, that publishers are finding a signficant value in "customer loyalty" around the new medium.

Another big value in Apps for news is the fact that a growing number of consumers prefer to read and watch offline, while commuting, notes panelists Mike Stepanovich, Managing Editor of Reuters Insider and Mark Larkin, VP of CBSNews.com

Earlier this week, CNN announced its free App for the Android.

Andy Plesser

Disclosure:   Brightcove sponsored this event.


Tags: Devices

February 20 2011


A Canon Still Camera is a "Game Changer" for Video Journalism, the AP's Kevin Roach

WASHINGTON -- Increasing numbers of film makers and videographers are using a "still" camera to create video images of extraordinary quality. 

The camera which is getting the most use is the Canon, EOS 5D Mark II, which sells for around $2500.

The camera is widely used by Associated Press photographers who are increasingly using it to shoot video segments.   In this interview with Kevin Roach, the AP's VP for Broadcast News, says that the deployment of the Canon camera has been a "game changer."

In our clip, we have inserted a number of AP clips shot with the Canon.

While the camera creates extraordinary images, there are drawbacks for use as news gathering tool.  The camera has limited sound functionality.  While the video files look amazing they are quite large, meaning memory cards need to swapped out frequently.

We interviewed Roach at the AP's Washington bureau.

Recently, Vimeo hosted an Canon HD video contest where you can find some extraordinary work on display. We have embedded the the final "collaborative" film below.

Andy Plesser



The Story Beyond the Still - All Chapters - FINAL COLLABORATIVE FILM from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

February 15 2011


New Apps to Upload Videos to Your TV

With the rapid rise in tablet and smartphone adoption, a number of apps and tech tools have emerged that allow users to stream videos from their mobile devices back to the TV.

They include Airplay, Skifta, Eyecon, Rovi and Snapstick. For the rundown on how to stream your smartphone videos on your TV, check out this week's New Media Minute.

-Daisy Whitney

Editor's Note:  Daisy's New Media Minute is published and sponsored separately from Beet.TV. We are pleased to publish it on these pages regularly.  AP

Tags: Devices

February 02 2011


With U.S. State Department and Army as Customers, Brightcove Plans Expanded Government Video Work

WASHINGTON, DC -- Seeing an opportunity with government agencies for the distribution of Web video, Boston-based Brightcove has launched a "federal government initiative" with Carahsoft, a big government IT consulting firm.

The U.S. State Department is using Brightcove.  Today it streamed the Global Chiefs of Mission conference with speeches by Secretary Hilary Clinton and Joint Chiefs head Admiral Michael Mullen. (See below.)

The Department is also using the platform to communicate with U.S. citizens in Egypt about safety and evacuation plans.

Yesterday at our event at The Washington Post, we spoke with Brightcove VP Jeff Whatcott about the efforts in D.C. and the new association with Carahsoft. 

Brightcove sponsored the event and Whatcott was a panelist.

OVP Industry Consolidation

Whatcott addressed the big industry consolidation  announced on Monday by KIT Digital which we reported.

Publishers in a Panic

We spoke about the fast changing demands for publisher to provide video to a myriad of new mobile and connected devices.  It is a technology transformation which is putting some publishers into a "panic," Whatcott says in this interview.

Andy Plesser


January 18 2011


Vook Raises $5.25 Million Venture Round

Vook, the Emeryville-based digital publisher has raised a series A venture round of $5.25 million, the company announced today.

The company creates mixed media treatments of books with text, video and graphics and makes them available to a variety of mobile devices.

Last January, we sat down with founder and CEO Brad Inman for a chat about the company's technology and strategy.

Vook received favorable mentions in this past Sunday's New York Times Magazine in a story about digital book reading by Virginia Heffernan

Andy Plesser


Tags: Books Devices

January 17 2011


Samsung and IBM Team up to Develop New Chips for Smart Phones

Samsung and IBM have announced plans to jointly developed semiconductors for use in mobile handsets. 

Earlier this month At CES, we spoke with Yiwan Wong, VP for Business Development for Samsung. He  explains that advancement in chips is essential to many core functionalities of smart phones.

Andy Plesser


Tags: Devices

January 11 2011


Verizon iPhone Will Not Run on 4G Network (yet), CNET's Maggie Reardon

While the imminent introduction of Verizon's 4G smart phones created a good bit of buzz at CES, the highly anticipated Verizon iPhone will likely run on the company's existing 3G network, at least initially, says Maggie Reardon, lead telecom reporter for CNET News.com in this interview with Beet.TV

Whether the iPhone will run faster on Verizon than on AT&T, is not yet clear as Reardon says that some Verizon customers in New York and San Francisco are finding unsatisfying speeds with their Android devices.

For fast connectivity, the 4G devices are in a different league, connecting as speeds approaching wired broadband, she says.  

Andy Plesser



January 08 2011


Boxee Readies Launch Of Hulu Plus and Netflix

LAS VEGAS -- Fresh on the heels on the announcement to stream CBS television programming on the Boxee platform, the service will launch Vudu this week and will soon provide Hulu Plus and Netflix, says Avner Ronen, CEO in this interview with Beet.TV

We caught up with him at the CES show earlier this week.


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