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January 03 2011


Tablets to Take Center Stage at CES


Already this week, Vizio and Toshiba have introduced new tablet computers and more tablet releases should be unveiled at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Manufacturers such as Dell, LG and Microsoft are expected to enter the market with their iPad competitors.
Many of the new tablets will run Google's Android as the operating system and Tawain’s Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center said recently that 25% of global tablets shipped in 2011 will run Android. But Apple will still command the lion's share of the market and is on track to sell nearly 20 million iPads this year, eMarketer said.
There are implementations for tablets and video consumption.
Daisy Whitney
Editor's Note:  Daisy's New Media Minute is published and sponsored separately from Beet.TV.  We are delighted to publish it regularly.  AP


Tags: Devices

November 28 2010


Roku: "We Are the Value Leader" in the Connected Living Room and are "Well Positioned"

With its small, one-pound box priced from $60 to $100 depending on features, Roku is the "value leader" in the connected living room, says company spokesperson Brian Jaquet in this interview with Beet.TV

The box is priced below Google TV, Apple TV, the new Boxee Box and Internet-ready TV's.  Jaquet says that in the face of this new competion, Roku is "well positioned."

The Roku box, which is sold online, connects a wired or wireless Internet connection to the television.  Earlier this month, the company annouced a subscription offering for Hulu.  

Here's the review pf Hulu Plus on the Roku by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land.  Danny calls it "pretty awesome."

Much more on Roku's plans in our next segment from our chat with Jaquet.

Using Roku Abroad?

While the device will work with an Internet connection anywhere, many services like Hulu and Netflix are geo-limited to the United States.   Netflix recently announced streaming in Canada.  But, with more and more independent content coming onto Roku from sources including Vimeo and Blip.tv, the little box could become more attractive globally before too long.

Andy Plesser


November 21 2010


Google TV's Choudhary: We "Never Intended to Replace Cable or Satellite"

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif -- Google TV was never intended to replace subscriptions to cable or satellite TV, but to integrate Web video and Apps with television offerings, says Google's Saluhuddin Choudhary, project manager, in this interview with Beet.TV

Despite the intentions to embrace commercial television, several networks are pushing back, blocking access to the new device.

We visited the Googleplex last week for this interview.  We also produced a demo of the device which appears below, on this page.

Andy Plesser

Production Notes:  Many thanks to our West Coast producer Jeff Brooks for this report.

November 19 2010


Video of the Google TV, A Demo for Beet.TV in Mountain View

MOUNTAIN VIIEW, Calif -- Earlier today, Beet.TV visited the Googleplex for this demo of Google TV given by Salahuddin Choudhary, Google TV Product Manager.

Using the Sony controller, we are shown how live broadcast and Web programming can be searched and organized.

We will be following this demo with interviews with Choudhary about the utility of the device and some of the challenges it it is facing with broadcasters.  

Earlier today,

Andy Plesser

Tags: Devices

November 04 2010


Forrester's McQuivey: Microsoft Could be "Dominant Player in the TV Business Overnight"

LOS ANGELES -- While the television industry is abuzz in anticipation over Google TV, the big story in the convergence of television and the Web could be the Xbox, says Forrester's James McQuivey, a top industry analyst.

With 30 million units installed in the U.S. and 42 million worldwide, the Xbox could become the "dominant player in the television business overnight," he told our correspondent Jamison Tilsner in this interview at the Streaming Media West show.

McQuivey notes that the integration of Kinect, which becomes available today, will provide extraordinary functionality for video viewers. 

Last month,  the Xbox controller became a functional remote control for subscribers to the AT&T U-verse.

In this interview, he speaks about the opportunities for Google TV and the serious challenges for Hulu.

Andy Plesser

Editor's Note:  Welcome Jamison to Beet.TV.  Many of you know Jamison as a founder of Tubefilter.  He is now Evangelist for Kantar Video.  We are delighted to have his contributions from time to time.  AP

October 17 2010


HTML5 Video is Not Ready for the Web, W3C's Le Hargaret

CAMBRIDGE, Mass -- Despite the growing demand for HTML5, and its deployment by many big online players, its commercial introduction is premature as there is no standard for the new technology, says Philippe Le Hargaret, leader of effort at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to establish standards for HTML and SVG.

This lack of standardization will create problems interoperability as publishers embrace different implementations.   Le Hargaret's warnings about the early adoption of HTML5 was reported last week in Info World.

In an interview earlier week in his office on the MIT campus, Le Hagaret told Beet.TV that a standard for HTML5 will be finaized in 2011.  While he says that some implementations work well, notably for mobile devices (we assume he is referrring to Apple), the lack of standarization around HTML for devices is also a problem.

The issue is starting to make waves in the developer community, with engineers at Facebook pushing back on the W3C' s caution about standarization, reported Stephen Shankland at CNET earlier this week.

In addition to the lack of standardization and its related issues, he addressed some issues about privacy and the problems created with HTML5 content downloaded to a desktop.  Some of these issues were raised by The New York Times this week.

This is the first of two interviews with Le Hargaret.

Andy Plesser

October 05 2010


Android's Massive Success Due to Verizon, NPD's Ross Rubin

Today's news from Nielsen about the fast growth of Android to become the most popular mobile operating system in the U.S. owes much of its success to the support of Verizon Wireless, says Ross Rubin, lead technology analayst at the NPD Group.

Rubin says that Verizon's predominent installed base and price support for the sophisticated device are the key factors in its success.

This is one of three video segments we produced from out conversation.

Andy Plesser


BlackBerry, Qualcomm in $10 Million Round for Facial Recognition Firm

Viewdle, the facial recognition company with its origins in the Soviet military, has closed a $10 million funding round  with the the BlackBerry VC fund and Qualcomm, David Kaplan at paidContent reports on the deal this morning.

In July, I interviewed John Albright, co-managing partner of the BlackBerry fund and its investment in Viewdle.  He explains how the Viewdle technology will be integrated into handsets from several manufacturers next year.  

When we reported the investment in July, the amount of the investment and other participants on the round were not disclosed.

I interviewed him at the paidContent mobile conference in Manhattan.

Andy Plesser

October 04 2010


Google TV Adoption Will be Challenged by Lack of Carrier Support, Analyst

While Google's Android OS has been has been a huge hit for handsets, thanks in part to subsidization in the U.S. by Verizon Wireless, there will be no carrier or MSO support for Google TV.  

This lack of support may limit the success of the new Google platform outside a group of enthusiasts, says Ross Rubin, senior tech analyst of the NPD Group, in this interview with Beet.TV

Rubin says that low-priced Blu-ray Internet-connected DVD players and a new crop of connected television sets will be appealing to consumers interested in connecting to the Web from their living rooms with exisiting gear and without additional boxes. 

He says that over a third of new big screen TV's (over 40 inches) can connect to the Internet.

While Google TV does not have carrier support, it is getting traction with content creators. Today, Google announced it is working with several top networks to create specialized content for the new service. 

Andy Plesser

Production Note:  We produced this video in the Manhattan studios of Livestream.


September 30 2010


Vimeo Plans iPhone App, Report

Vimeo, the video sharing site favored by independent content creators and an increasing number of consumers, is developing an iPhone App, according to a report on NewTeeVee.

Recently, we sat down with Vimeo's general manager Dae Mellencamp for this overview on the emergence of HTML5 at Vimeo.  She also discusses the recent integration with Vimeo into Roku.

We are publishing this interview for the first time today.

Andy Plesser

August 31 2010


Vimeo Brings Personalization of the Web Experience to Television via Roku

Earlier this month, Vimeo, the IAC-owned video sharing site, announced an integration with Roku.  More than just featuring videos and providing search, the implementation is highly personalized, very Web like.

For a demonstration of Vimeo on Roku, we spoke with Dae Mellenchamp, general manager of IAC.

In his review, USA Today's Jefferson Graham called the Roku integration "a beauty."  We agree.

Today, Roku announced a line of low-cost boxes and new support of 1080p HD video streaming.

Andy Plesser


August 17 2010


IAC's Vimeo Video Sharing Site Now Live on Roku Box

Vimeo, the online video site, a unit of IAC, will now provide video distribution to the television set via Roku, the companies announced today.

This is an expansion in the offering of Web original video programming for Roku, which presently distributes Blip.tv content and others.

Roku offers a number of free and subscription services including Netflix, Amazon, MLB and others.

For the story on Vimeo and other developments at Saratoga-based Roku, we sat down with Brian Jacquet.  This is the first of two interviews.

Andy Plesser

July 24 2010


Exclusive: BlackBerry Funds Viewdle -- Visual Recognition for Video to Launch Soon on Mobile

Viewdle, the visual recognition software company with origins in the Soviet military, has received a venture round from the RIM's BlackBerry Fund, says John Albright, co-managing partner in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV.

The company is headquartered in San Jose with engineering operations in Kiev.  It launched in 2007 and has recently gone into stealth mode.  It will launch visual recognition for videos on mobile devices and the desktop next year.

The "B" round involves the BlackBerry Fund and other corporate investors, Laurent Gil, CEO, told me on a phone call last night where I reached him in Paris.  Gil declined to name the other investors or provide the size of round which closed recently. The investment has not been previously disclosed.

He said that the technology would be available to many operating systems which could include RIM. 

Earlier this week in at the paidContent Mobile conference at Columbia University,  I interviewed Albright, about the investment and the emergence of  "augmented reality" and visual computing. 

He notes that while forms of this technology is used by various military and intelligence organizations, it is not available to the public.  In this video interview, he says the company's products will be broadly introduced next year.

He explains how the Viewdle software can identify and index individual faces and other objects, and make them part of a personal public profile.

The software could have  big implications for search and indexing as video is not "crawled" by conventional search engine technologies. 

Viewdle's founders formed the company out of technology that was developed at the Institute for Computing and Information Technology (ICIT) in Kiev, Ukraine.  The technology was initially funded for use by the military in the former Soviet Union and has since been transferred to Viewdle.

About the BlackBerry Partners Fund

Albright explains that the Fund, which is focused on companies in the mobile category,  has several non-RIM investors including Thomson Reuters and RBC. He says the technologies it funds are not necessarily for RIM devices.

Viewdle's A round came from KIT Digital back in 2008.

Google's Marissa Mayer Weighs in on Viewdle

Check out this episode of Vator.tv where Google's Marissa Mayer gives her thoughts about challenges and opportunities for the company. This segment is from January, 2009.

Andy Plesser

July 21 2010


Verizon Wireless Readies App Developer Support for Android

Verizon Wireless will "soon" introduce a comprehensive App development platform for Android OS, says Jennifer Byrne, Executive Director of New Business Development & Partnership at Verizon Wireless.

The developer kit has been available for the RIM platform.

A Verizon spokeswoman declined to provide a date for the launch of Android developer support.

In addition to providing development tools, Verizon is providing advertising support with the integration of AdMarvel, she explains.

I caught up with Byrne yesterday in New York at the paidContent Mobile conference where she was a speaker.  This is the first of several video interviews from the event.

Andy Plesser

July 15 2010


Disney Has Mobile Video Deal with Japan's BeeTV for Vampire Series

LOS ANGELES -- Disney's Web original studio has a distribution deal for its I Heart Vampires series to run on BeeTV, the Japanese mobile broadcaster.

Earlier this week at NATPE's LATV Fest, our Daisy Whitney sat down with Chris Williams, who is general manager of Disney's Take180.

Wiliiams says in this interview that Take180 is getting 5 million monthly unique visitors.

Beetv BeeTV is a joint venture of Japan's NTT and the Avex Group.  It is one of the first mobile broadcasters.  Here is a recent story in Ad Age

Andy Plesser, Managing Editor

Editors' Note:  We could help but admire the name BeeTV -- but were relieved to find that their brand identity is around a bee. not beets. 

Together Forever from I Heart Vampires on Take180.com

July 12 2010


John Dvorak "Cranky" about Apple's "Breakable" iPhone 4

John C. Dvorak might like SmartPhones but he's not a fan of the iPhone. He doesn't like the AT&T tie-up and he said the new iPhone4 "just looks breakable." After all, who doesn't drop their phone once every few months?

He's not the only one who's concerned about the iPhone. Consumer Reports won't recommend it either.

By contrast, Google's NexusOne is sturdier and has held up well, Dvorak said. Dvorak is one of the foremost technology columnists around.

When I had the chance to be a guest on his weekly podcast Cranky Geeks, I jumped at the opportunity and snagged a few minutes to hear his latest thoughts on tablets, Smartphones and where we're headed next tech wise for Beet.TV.

-Daisy Whitney

June 17 2010


Exclusive Video: YouTube Seeks to Close Lag Time with New Online Editing Tool

SAN BRUNO, Calif  -- Late yesterday, YouTube launched an ambitious new product to allow users to edited uploaded videos in a range of file formats.  

In our tests, we have found that the process is slow, meaning there is a substantial lag time between keyboards commands and edit tasks. The slowness appears on the YouTube side as we use a fast 50 mps connection.

Latency has been an issue for online editing tools and YouTube is working on eliminating the lag time, we were told yesterday in this video interview with YouTube engineer Rushabh Doshi.

We visited YouTube headquarters to an overview of the new editing tool.

Andy Plesser,  Managing Editor

June 15 2010


Big Screens Loom Large for Web Video: Revision3 Says 40 Percent of Views on TV's

Revision3, the San Francisco-based producer and distributor of entertainment Web video, has found that over 40 percent of its viewers watch shows on Web-connected televisions.

CEO Jim Louderback says in  this interview  that Revision3 is the largest independent content producer on Roku, the sixth most popular network on Boxee. He says about 5 percent of Revision3's content is viewed on the Tivo.

The Wall Street Journal's Jessica Vascellaro reported the Revison3 big TV viewing numbers in her feature last week about longform Web video.

Andy Plesser, Managing Editor

June 07 2010


Meet Verizon Wireless Spokesperson John Johnson, A Viral Video Sensation with 500K Views

With half a million views in four days, John H. Johnson, a communications exec. for Verizon Wireless has become a Web video celeb for uttering these 10 words on camera: Verizon has "no plans to carry the iPhone in the immediate future."

By chance, I ran into John on Tuesday afternoon at the opening of the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital conference at the Terranea resort near LA.

I had interviewed him at last year's D and figured we should sit down for a follow-up. 

I asked him about the much speculated support of Apple devices by Verizon and he offered a definitive response, the first time the company had commented on the record on the subject.  

Later that night on stage, Apple CEO Steve Jobs declined to comment on potential new carriers for the Apple iPad or iPhone in the U.S., beyond AT&T. 

For weeks,  many industry observers have speculated that Apple would announce Verizon support for a new generation iPhone at tomorrow's big developer conference.

The timing of my little scoop was perfect.

I published the four-minute video on Beet.TV on Wednesday at about 7:30 p.m. Eastern time.  Almost immediately it went up on Techmeme and it took off from there.

Many sites and blogs linked to the story and used the embed including the Huffington Post, CNET, Silicon Alley Insider, the Examiner, Gizmodo, MacRumors, 9-5 Mac, Venture Beat, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and hundreds of mentions on Facebook and Twitter. 

For little Beet.TV, this is by far our biggest hit. 

As of  Sunday night at 10:00, we have had over 500,000 video views served by Blip.tv, our primary service provider.  Most of our 1900 videos get under 1,000 views.  We've had a few hits, but nothing of this magnitude.  It's been thrilling watching the numbers continue to rise.

We are proud of this scoop.  It was good luck to connect with John by chance.  And, i was extremely fortunate to be on the scene, to have press credentials to cover this extraordinary event.  So many great interviews from the the conference published and many more to come.

Production Note: I shot the interview on my $650 Canon Vixia and sent the tape via UPS overnight to my editor Joe Bonacci in our New York newsroom.  He edited on FinalCut and put the video up on Blip.tv.  Nice bonus for our current sponsor YuMe whose in-stream ads travel with the embedded video.

Please see the tally of views on the Blip.tv dashboard pasted below.  This from 6/6 at 10:00 ET:


Andy Plesser, Managing Editor 

June 02 2010


Verizon Has No Plans for Apple Support in the "Immediate Future"

LOS ANGELES - Despite relentless speculation about the  imminent support of the iPhone and iPad in the U.S., there is no immediate plan for Verizon to support the Apple mobile devices, John Johnson, a Verizon Wireless spokesperson told Beet.TV in this video interview.

The company is keen on the Android device and will introduce several new models this year including devices which record high quality video recording capabilities with HDMI-like outputs.

4-G Will Come to 25-30 Markets This Year along with Devices

Johnson says in this interview that the wireless company will introduce its 4-G network to 25-30 U.S. markets this year.   Also this year, the company will introduce devices to connect to devices, USB-connected tongles and the like.  Verizon will introduce 4-G handsets next year, he says.

This interview took place yesterday at the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital conference.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
Tags: Devices
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