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June 26 2013


DigitasLBi Enters Management Consulting Arena, CEO

CANNES — Media agencies must now compete with management consulting shops in the race to help marketers reorganize their businesses, says Luke Taylor, CEO of DigitasLBi during an interview with Beet.TV. DigitasLBi is a unit of Publicis Groupe and was formed earlier this year when Publicis merged Digitas with its Amsterdam digital agency LBi to help grow Publicis’ footprint in digital media.

“Most of our CMOs want help rearchitecting and reorganizing their marketing functions to deal with always on conversations, the regulatory requirements of publishing real-time, the relationships with the IT department… All these shifts are demanding a complete rebuild of the marketing function and that now puts us head to head with the Accentures of the world, so there’s a fun turf war playing out there,” he explains in this video interview.

In addition to those business design services, the recently merged DigitasLBi is now 7000-employees strong and also counts insights, creative technology and distribution among its key purviews. ”We have 400 data scientists who look forensically at how to overlay data on the big data social graph with customer information to have a highly targeted experience,” Taylor says of the insight group.

When it comes to creative technology group, the goal is to link the brand strategists with information architects and technologists as well as the social and PR side of the business to “drive story and conversation,” he says.

June 20 2013


Digitas Announces Partnership with Mashable

CANNES – This week during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Digitas announced a new partnership with social media and technology news site Mashable. Beet.TV spoke with Tony Weisman, CEO of DigitasLBi North America, at the Cannes event about the news. This partnership comes after Digitas’ partnership with The Huffington Post, which was announced during this year’s Digtial Content NewFronts.

“These are all part of the continuing evolution of trying to make our brands as relevant as possible to consumers,” Weisman says.

Weisman says he is not a fan of native advertising.

“If it matters to a consumer, be relevant to them in the time and in the space that matters to them,” he says. This style of advertising, Weisman says, is not interupting the consumer’s experience and fits in with the philosophy behind Digitas’ propriety agency platform BrandLIVE: relevance has a deadline.

April 04 2013


Digitas’ Sarofian: Don’t Let Data Overshadow Creative

Technology might be moving the advertising industry along at a rapid pace, but marketers shouldn’t forget the power of emotion, says Stephanie Sarofian, Senior VP & Managing Director at Digitas, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat 2013 in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Numbers and analysis are absolutely vital in the unchartered territory of big data, branded content and multi-screens, but tapping into emotions via creative should not be neglected, she tells Ashley Swartz, the founder and CEO of the New York-based consultancy Furious Minds. ”We have to use our emotions because that’s how people make decisions in the end,” Sarofian explains. “The tools we are using are important but we still have to get to the insight, and the insight brings us to an idea, and only then can we have some impact on the brand’s bottom line.”

When it comes to content creation, brands can learn lessons from newsrooms and news organizations about how to create, curate and organize content. For more insight into what’s next in partnerships and mergers in advertising, check out this video interview.

-Daisy Whitney

June 17 2010


Women are taking over world of media, says Digitas chief creative officer

Social media has done more than change the way we interact, claims Digitas chief creative officer Mark Beeching.

Speaking after the Digital Content Newfront conference, Beeching said the biggest issue to take-away from the event was the realisation that new media was helping women take over the media world.

At the first Digital Content Newfront, my main concern is that we had a lot of middle men on the stage, very few women if any, a lot of men in sports jackets. This year, women are taking over the world of media. In 30 years time I think we are going to be making a show called Mad Women. Mad men was the macho, mass media world, Mad Women is the social media, the nurturing, the conversational world.

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